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Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special offers. 1) Size-Up the SpaceThe most challenging aspect of hardscape design is determining how too designa patio that can be accommodated by the existing exterior space.
2) House ProximityHomeowners can asses a patio’s proximity to the house to create destination spots in their backyard.
3) Shade Over SunshineDetermining a patio’s intended location by actual sun and shade exposure, homeowners can assure a comfortable living space. Your Patio SurfacePatios have always been (and will always be) a popular choice among homeowners because of the versatility of a patio space. Decorative Concrete patios like stained and stamped concrete patios arepopular among homeowners who want a unique looking patio but whohave a smaller budget for material. Outdoor living areas that are locatedclose to the home seamlessly integrate the functionality of an interior living spacewith the outdoor environment.

Homeownersmust consider the size of their space so that the patio does not overwhelm thespace but they should also consider what size patio allows for their intended functionality for the space. Homeowners can draw attention to the best views of the backyardby directing attention away from the home with a destination patio that brings people away from the house. North-facing areas likelyreceive the most shade and often make the perfect place for an outdoor patio.If you home is unlikely to receive shade naturally from mature trees or your home, consider incorporating a modern arbor or traditional pergola with ivy to create adense shade-cover over your outdoor living area. After installation, these materials areprotected with a sealer to withstand weather and extended use.One option for decorative concrete is stamped concrete in which a specificpattern has been 'stamped' into a concrete slab.
By assessing the size of your space and determiningyour desired functionality, homeowners can create truly personalized and wellstyled outdoor patio areas.The key to designing your dream outdoor living area is to first plan out your imaginedor existing patio space.
Those who enjoy hosting partiesmay consider including a space for a complete outdoor kitchen (with barbequegrill, sinks, and ample counter space) and several areas for seating; include anarea for a brick pizza oven or Big Green Egg smoker. An easy way for homeowners to alter the visual aesthetic of their outdoor area, create new spaces for relaxation and entertainment, conserve water, and increase the property value of their home, is to install a new custom outdoor patio or refresh an existing patio with one of many available patio surface materials.Natural Stone patios are particularly attractive as they tend to combine a number of complimentary colors in a seemingly random pattern.

Patterns like brick,cobblestone, and flagstone are available and the concrete can becolored to create a realistic rendering of the desired stone, flagstone,or brick pattern.Another option available to homeowners is stained concrete which involvesa process in which a concrete slab is stained with a combination of blendedacid stain-colors to create a truly one-of-a-kind patio surface.
To create the best patio design, homeowners must considerthese four factors: the size of your space, proximity to the home, existing shade,and desired function. These patioscan have salt added to create a rugged look or they can be scored to create freehand stone or geometric patterns in the concrete.
That's why one of the first steps in planning a new patio is deciding which material to put underfoot, typically brick, concrete, stone, or gravel.
The surface you choose plays a huge role in establishing not only the style of your patio but also its cost, whether you can build it yourself, and how you'll care for it over the long term.

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