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Don’t let cold temperature get the better of you– invest in infrared outdoor heaters today to make your patio a warm and welcoming place to be all year round.
Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how you can make your outdoor patio a warm, welcoming place to be this fall. September 1, 2015 By PatioHeaterUSA Leave a Comment Find the best patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant. Outdoor patio heaters also help restaurants extend their dining seasons, making profits stay hot even as the weather cools down! Though outdoor heaters keep customers coming in the door, they still add to your operating costs. Calcana gas heaters from Patio Heater USA are internationally known for their efficient heating systems. August 20, 2015 By PatioHeaterUSA Leave a Comment Enhance your outdoor experience with patio gas heaters.
Patio gas heaters can make the difference between a welcoming, useful space and a neglected one. Patio Heater USA offers a variety of infrared outdoor heaters for residential and commercial use. August 3, 2015 By PatioHeaterUSA Leave a Comment Save floor space and heating costs with mounted gas heaters.
While table–top and free–standing heaters provide viable options for some homeowners, wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters have a number of outdoor heater benefits including saving floor space and heating a broader area.
Natural gas and propane heaters are also the most efficient outdoor heaters on the market, operating at just pennies per hour. Patio Heater USA’s ceiling and wall–mounted heaters offer ideal outside heating solutions for outdoor restaurants in addition to home patios.

Floor heaters require time, effort and money in rearranging your restaurant’s floor plan and reducing outdoor seating. March 24, 2015 By PatioHeaterUSA Leave a Comment Stay informed about propane and outdoor natural gas heaters. Choosing between natural gas and propane patio heaters depends mostly on local costs of either fuel. Whether the best patio heater for you is a propane or outdoor gas heater, Patio Heater USA will help you find the appropriate heater model for your restaurant, patio, garage and more.
January 1, 2015 By PatioHeaterUSA Leave a Comment With outdoor gas heaters utilize your outside patio all year round. Outdoor living spaces are welcoming retreats in summer, but inadequate heating leaves most patios unused in colder weather. If you’d like to take advantage of your outdoor patio or sunroom all year round, consider investing in an outdoor gas heater or infrared heater.
Enjoy your outdoor patio in comfort and warmth with Patio Heater USA’s outdoor gas heaters. With Calcana outdoor heaters you can adjust the heat settings with our unique remote control featured to the right. You and your guests will be amazed at our patio heaters’ efficiency and effectiveness.
With even, comfortable warmth, patio gas heaters provide a welcoming environment for guests. Therefore it is essential to choose the most efficient patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant.
Operating at just pennies per hour, Calcana patio heaters are protected by several US patents for their unique design. Choose from propane or natural gas, both low–cost heating fuels.

Try the Patio Heater USA Heater Model Selection Guide, where you’ll find straight forward guidelines for deciding on an outdoor heating system. With even, infrared heat, calcana outdoor heaters warm an outdoor space to a comfortable level. Impress your guests at dinner parties or family gatherings by creating a warm, inviting outdoor environment. Patio Heater USA creates wall and ceiling–mounted stainless steel heaters, adding value to any outdoor environment without sacrificing space. Natural gas heaters burn odorless and nontoxic fuel. Eighty to ninety percent of natural gas is domestically produced, making gas outdoor heaters highly desirable heater models. No need to remove seating to make room for floor–standing heaters, and there’s no danger of knocking over large outdoor heaters. Mountable on ceilings and walls, our patio heaters are highly efficient with space as well as energy. Our infrared patio heaters keep you comfortably warm regardless of the outdoor temperature.
Calcana patio gas heaters safely provide your customers with heating from the ceiling or wall.

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