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The brick planter creates a sense of harmony between the porch and patio making it a seamless transition with this patio in southern California.
Extensions on your back porch will give you a great area for grilling, additional seating, or just soaking up the sun.You can't go wrong adding additional outdoor living space! If you have space on either side of your porch or even at the bottom of the stairs, extend this area with pavers or bricks to make a patio. Be sure to see our informative videos on How To Build Your Own Patio - foundations and laying pavers.

To get the right slope I always excavate approximately 4-6 inches on the high side of the patio to 6-8 at the lower end.
Now, realize that outdoor furniture is typically larger than your chairs and tables inside.
In this specific example, we show you how this very small porch can be extended with a patio, then a pergola-covered porch, and then a fully covered porch to match the home.
Lay your outdoor patio tile (like bricks, pavers or interlocking tiles) within the boards to see how they will fit and adjust now accordingly!

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