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Electric Outdoor Patio HeatersEnjoy the warmth of a patio heater with the economy and portability of electricity with one of our Electric Outdoor Patio Heaters.
All three Chillchaser heaters use a standard 220 - 240V electric supply, so there no heavy gas cylinders to carry or need to refill. Outdoor heaters come in a variety of styles to choose from depending on application, structural and aesthetic requirements.
If you are heating an outdoor patio located under a trellis, within an outdoor room or other architectural structure you may use a mounted or flush-mounted electric outdoor heater or gas outdoor heater. Portable propane or natural gas outdoor heaters are utilized in uncovered outdoor areas or in areas where heaters are required to be moved around based on flexible seating or temporary use.

In addition, in-ground outdoor heaters are used where there are uncovered areas where a more permanent heating area is defined. You may find more detailed information and purchase outdoor heaters on-line at Koolfog's Outdoor Heater Store. Available in three models - Neptune, Zeus and the latest Poseidon with a built in media player, the heaters employ carbon fibre heating and offer soft instant heat with the help of replaceable elements that are designed to last at least 5,000 hours. Simply plug in to a suitable 230V weatherproof outdoor socket or PowerSpike IP55 extension lead.
Mounted heaters are permanent and require electrical supply or gas supply depending on the type of outdoor heater utilized.

In response, Koolfog supplied outdoor heaters to staging and starting tents for the ski teams. Far infrared electric heaters deliver focused heat, heating you rather than the air while emitting zero CO2 exhaust gases - a clear Eco advantage over gas patio heaters.
Used worldwide in hospitals for many problems, this carbon fibre heating is the most natural, versatile, and healthy form of heat, helping to maintain body vitality and increase metabolic function without side effects.

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