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As you are planning the design for your new outdoor patio bar, you may be considering different accessories you would like added onto the space. If you are looking for some great covered patio ideas that incorporate a tiki bar into the design, we have a lot of options for you to look through. The most common measurements to fit patio bar stools under are between 42 and 46 inches tall. Installing a wharfside patio bar can be a great addition under a covered or screened in patio because it will allow you to use the bar and entertain guests during any type of weather. A great way to get ideas for you design plan is to start by looking through our patio bar photos to find the perfect plan for your home. If you would like to opt for a lower bar, there are many different size options for bar stools that you can find at various stores. No matter the style of your home or porch, a bar can be a wonderful addition to your exterior design.

Search through picture galleries of the most popular 2015 outdoor patio bar set and other furniture, so you can see the trends that others are putting in their homes.
For some beautiful small patio ideas, we recommend building a little bar, so that you can have the great features of a bar, without overcrowding your porch. Whether you are building your new patio from scratch, or looking to remodel and add a few extra features to your existing one, adding a bar can be a great choice. Depending on the size of your patio, you may have room for a full bar complete with a grill, minifridge, and dishwasher. Once you have decided on the perfect height for your design, you will want to search out the best patio bar furniture. Browse through our site to find some of the most popular outdoor bars in 2015 so that you can have the most up to date styles for your home.
If you have a smaller area and do not have the space for an outdoor kitchen area, you can stick to just the bar with some beautiful chairs for seating.

There are countless outdoor patio furniture ideas to choose from that will match any style home. We also have some great simple patio bar ideas and pictures for you to search through so that you can find inspirations for your home. Find intricate and simple patio ideas in our photo galleries, so that you can have the best design for your exterior. A popular style is outdoor wicker furniture, because it is extremely functional and durable, and also gives a stunning look.
You can find inexpensive patio furniture online or at discount stores, so that you can keep your project at a low budget.

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