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At McKay Landscape Lighting, we have noticed that more of our clients are creating outdoor living areas perfect for entertaining and spending more time enjoying the outdoors after the sun goes down. Knowing how and what to light outdoors, which fixtures and techniques to use, and how to light for both beauty and security, takes education, expertise, experience and acumen.
Weather you are using your space for entertaining, relaxation or both, landscape lighting is a key element to making the most of your outdoor space.

The patio, shown here, has an outdoor fireplace on the lower level and a deck on the upper level. With more than 20 years experience, McKay Lighting understands the elements of professional design, installation and servicing of outdoor lighting systems. This design helps make this pergola a perfect space for dining outdoors or a cozy evening for two.

The right outdoor lighting ideas and options will help beautify your space and create the perfect outdoor sanctuary for entertaining, relaxation, or both.

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