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The outdoor living space experts from 1Remodeling can customize a unique space that will compliment your home and extend its value and beauty throughout the year.
Our designers can create any style or setting that you can imagine, using a variety of options to match your personal vision, the available space and your backyard landscape. The 1Remodeling outdoor living area team is innovative, creative and professional and will treat your Grand Rapids outdoor living space project with care and insight from start to finish! No longer utilitarian spaces, they run the gamut from spa-like retreats to marble halls worthy of a Roman emperor.
But transforming interior spaces to express your personality; to complement and enhance your lifestyle is what home design and remodeling is all about.
In cozier spaces, built-in bookshelves can display books and collectibles without intruding into the room, as would multiple stand-alone bookcases that hog more floor space. By the same token, small pieces of furniture can look lost in a great room; big and bold are keywords in accenting large open spaces. With a skilled, artful eye and inquiring mind, our interior designers will look at your living space and ask you lots of questions.
Read magazines like Country Living and Traditional Homes (and their websites) for ideas on renovation and true-to-period design. Built-in cabinetry and furnishings provide shelf and cabinet space for games and electronics, keep dust out, and can enclose your TV to keep it out of sight.
If your favorite vacation spot is prone to insects, a screened porch extends your time outdoors without sacrificing the view or balmy breezes. The long, cold, snowy New England winter of 2015 has finally given way and people are busting outdoors with a vengeance to spend more time in the fresh air and sunshine.
Two Stories – Higher ceilings can be paired with a two-story home and grand staircase that add a feeling of even more space. 3W design offers inspiring ideas for using the unique spaces in your home including storage areas.
For better space utilization you may want to consider a hamper or a narrow sliding cart between the washer and dryer.

3W design offers inspiring ideas for the special spaces in your home, including laundry rooms. Nothing helps you enjoy the warmth and comfort of those sunny days more than an outdoor living area where you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine. When it comes to home remodeling, the most effective use of your money would be to build an outdoor living space.
For a fraction of the price of adding an additional room onto your home, you can create an unique outdoor living space that is both beautiful and functional. That includes our own back yards, decks, patios, pools and even outdoor entertainment centers and kitchens.
On cool summer evenings, a nice outdoor fire will keep people warm and the conversations going. Unique architectural spaces that feel more open and make people feel more socially connected are designed into most new homes including townhouses and apartments. On a cost per square foot basis, building an outdoor living space has a better return on your dollar than other home remodeling projects, such as remodeling your kitchen or adding an addition onto your home.
Homeowners who include outdoor living spaces when designing their homes significantly improve the quality of their lives.
An outdoor fire place also extends the outdoor living season later into the fall and earlier in the spring as its comforting glow chases away the chilly air. The 5 elements of outdoor space planning provide us a canvas and palette we can work with when designing our ideal landscape and living spaces. Any hallway or transition space can be made into a more special place when you put your imagination to it. There are plenty of creative ways to utilize existing space to have extra storage room while beautifying or cozying up those areas at the same time. Our landscape designers will work with you to help you design your own custom outdoor living space that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Like most things in our homes, it’s important that that space reflect our own taste and personality.

We can also add retaining walls, gazebos, custom built fire pits and landscaping to complete your outdoor living space. It often involves artistic creativity in how existing spaces are used, 3-dimensionally, to improve aesthetics as well as functionality.
We tend to focus on bathroom and kitchen designs to make our experiences in these spaces more pleasant and our chores easier. Where you store your things, whether they be eyesores or eye-catching, can have a dramatic effect on living spaces in your home. Designing livable laundry room space for both beauty and utility adds character, comfort and value to the home. The construction creates the impression of a fully enclosed space, while the bed provides a cozy spot to sit and read on a summer day.
At night a space like this could transform into a beacon of light illuminating from within and scattered landscape lights surrounding its exterior.2.
Minimalist Pool Patio The clean and contemporary design of this deck and pool area is highlighted by the stylish outdoor lighting scheme.
It’s a prime example of how lighting and landscaping can work together to create a beautiful space.
Modern Rustic Outdoor Bar Outdoor bars are one of the most popular outdoor living space additions made to modern homes in America. In this space, the contrast of the brushed metal furniture and exposed stone create an elegant modern rustic aesthetic.

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