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Stone Age Manufacturing’s Fireplaces come packaged as kits in three different sizes 24, 36, and 48 inch designations. The exteriors are designed to be outfitted with whatever choice of natural thin veneer stone, full veneer stone, fabricated stone, brick, stucco or any other concrete adherent that is desired, so that our fireplaces can be easily integrated into any existing or planned outdoor living area. Green has always been a traditional color for outdoor furniture - but for Malibu Outdoor Living, "green" furniture takes on a whole different meaning.

Growth in the Outdoor Living category is sure to continue and whether you are providing grilling accessories, or the finest in exterior furnishings from Outdoor Interiors, we have all your outdoor living needs covered.
That is because the company is doing its part for the environment by manufacturing its entire new line of stylish casual furniture out of recycled plastics.
Malibu Outdoor Living is committed to manufacturing the highest quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture products utilizing the finest materials available - and we strive to use green materials on all our products.

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