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Those people who like cooking won’t be able to stop this activity not even when they are camping. Although at first the camper kitchen seems to be large and heavy, you should know that in reality it is quite lightweight and compact.
The most important feature of this camping kitchen is that it is extremely portable and there is a lot of working space due to the three surface areas.
Coleman is a company that knows everything about the outdoor life and so it is no wonder that it came up with a kitchen that would make your life a whole lot easier. There are also hooks to place camping lanterns on or for the most important kitchen utensils. In case you are one of those people who can’t live without the convenience of a kitchen, then it is a camping kitchen that you really need. It comes with separate areas for cooking food, for your stove, for grilling and also for storing the kitchenware that you need.
One of the most interesting things about this kitchen is that it collapses and it turns into its own carrying case.
Just as the majority, this camping kitchen can be folded to a small size as well and it also has a carrying bag in order to make it easier for you to store the kitchen.

In about three minutes time the GrubHub Camp Kitchen turns into the portable outdoor kitchen you never knew you needed.
In the center of the GrubHub Camp Kitchen is an aluminum table top that is designed to hold many of the most popular two-burner camp stoves available. We see this portable outdoor kitchen from GrubHub being more versatile than many other options. In case you have one of these, it will be as convenient to cook while being on camping as cooking in your own kitchen. It comes with a full size kitchen structure that allows you to enjoy the comfort of cooking in your own home, while also having the possibility to enjoy the outdoor breeze.
This is just like a deluxe camping kitchen that is just great for outdoor cooking and it offers all the conveniences of an indoor kitchen. Proven by the popularity of outdoor kitchens in current model fifth wheels and travel trailers.
One side offers a table for food prep, another has a kitchen sink and additional counter space, table space for dining, and a multitude of places for storing your cooking gear.
Another special feature of the kitchen is that it comes with adjustable legs to make sure that the working space is at the right height for you.

The storage areas adjust so that you can adapt your portable outdoor kitchen to your specific needs. As you can see from the photos the Camp Kitchen has a place for a lantern, paper towels, and even a spot to air dry dishes.
Some put together much more elaborate setups with collapsible kitchen table or grilling table.
The only issue is these options tend to be bulky and don’t offer the functionality or convenience of a real kitchen. A company called GrubHub has a interesting solution to the issue of outdoor living in the GrubHub Camp Kitchen.

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