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If you live in Florida you need an outdoors kitchen, where you can entertain your friends and grill the fish you caught out on your boat.
When planning your outdoor kitchen keep in mind that cabinets need to be made of different materials than those indoors, to withstand the elements. An outdoor shower and cabinets to store towels, bathing suits and water shoes adds a practical touch to your outdoor kitchen. Whether it is out on your lanai, the top deck of a house or on the terrace of a high-rise, an outdoor kitchen is the preferred watering hole for the gentlemen.
However, when it comes to entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is a relaxing place for women too, while the men cook and take care of business and of their ladies.

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When planning your outdoor kitchen, you must take into consideration that it will usually be used to entertain a large group of people, family or friends.
If you have a pool where the outdoor kitchen is, then cabinets to store towels are required, as well as a shower. If you love tile and you want to have it as part of your outdoor kitchen it can certainly work. Picture yourself hanging out with your friends after a day of playing golf, working or fishing, and enjoying a relaxing time in the outdoor hot tub.

An outdoor grill is a must, but you will also need an outdoor freezer, ice maker and refrigerator. Whether the outdoor kitchen is on your lanai, a deck or on the terrace of a penthouse, there are certain things it needs to have. Please keep in mind that ceramic and porcelain tile both chip and crack more easily than your other outdoor kitchen choices like granite, stone, and stucco.

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