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At Marin Outdoor Living, the specialty is sustainable outdoor furniture as sturdy and reliable as indoor furniture.
English Garden Furniture offers rust-proof furniture in styles ranging from traditional Georgian to the most streamlined and modernistic.
This popular boutique in the elegant Marin small town of Fairfax really knows how to bring on the funk without any junk. The furniture at Marin Outdoor Living is constructed using Brazilian Walnut (one of the hardest woods available), stainless steel, marine-grade polyboard and natural fiber.

Constructed of solid cast aluminum, this furniture is definitely designed to stand up against the heaviest weather.
The owners scour flea markets, antique stores, estate sales and whatever else to find those perfect casual touches for vacation living.
With this wide selection, it is no wonder that it is often cited as one of the best outdoor furniture outlets in the North Bay. This is furniture that will be there for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren over the generations.

It is no wonder that quite a few restaurants in the Bay area, when seeking a casual and rustic feel, make use of furniture from The Wooden Duck. Outdoor furniture can range from wrought-iron classic English garden furniture to top-of-the-line elegance in handmade teak to rustic log-built furniture of the simplest sort.

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