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The topic of today’s blog post is summer outside design temperatures and why you shouldn’t stress over them.  More precisely, there are other things far more important to stress over.
So, if our cooling load and cooling capacity were exactly the same, let’s say 32,000, then 1% of the time the load is greater than the capacity of the equipment and it cannot remove Btus as quickly as they are coming in.  When this happens, the temperature in the house will creep up.
A fairly new, reasonably well-built house will rise about 1 degree per hour.  Whether or not that becomes a big problem depends on how hot it gets outside and how long it stays above the design temperature.
The suggestion in my blog is to set the thermostat down a couple degrees only on those few days where the temperature may drift excessively, just as a precaution, not as general practice.
Even though the design element is a SWAG, and you do the best you can to fit the square peg into the round hole, you can still count on the installer to muck up the whole process by plugging the hole.
Hopefully you still agree with the main point of my blog: it is more important to worry about other design issues, such as proper airflow, than worry about a few degrees on the design temperature.
Although we usually tend to neglect outdoor design, it represents our first chance to inspire and make an impression on neighbours and guests.

Established in 2009, Designrulz functions as a database that puts you in connection with architects and designers from all over the world.
Our team at Outdoor Design offers a new way to stay cool during the hot summer months in Texas. Therefore if the indoor temperatures go up, the load goes up, and the compressor actually moves more refrigerant (higher gas density = more mass flow). Few people would care overmuch if their indoor temperature hits 78 instead of the target 72 a few days of the year – if they live in Las Vegas. And when the sun is out and the temperature is nice, it’s the perfect time for some outdoor entertaining.
Usually they install the window unit in a bedroom, because warm temperatures at night kill a lot more people than warm temperatures in the day.
The project was realised by Apex Landscapes, an Australian company with more 15 years’ experience in designing and building innovative landscape.

We can have days or weeks in the summer when the outside temperature NEVER dips below your thermostat set point. Well, the fact that we’re interior designers doesn’t mean that we don’t like the outdoors, nor does our approach as designers stop when we reach the back door. Humidity levels of 10-14% are common and well below the manufacturer’s design of +-50%. So, the point is that even though you design for 75F, you can also have reserve capacity with higher set points. That’s 2 weeks when the temperature never drops below 80 even at night, and in the day it can hit 95 or 100.

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