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Also known as landscape architects, landscape designers are responsible for the design and planning of land and outdoor spaces through aesthetic and scientific principles. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in landscape design must first complete basic level courses in English, mathematics, history, and composition before moving onto the core curricula. Most online bachelor’s degree programs in landscape design should allow students to complete coursework at their own pace within a specific time frame allotted for each assignment or course. Graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in landscape design or landscape architecture should be able to find an entry-level career with private construction firms, golf courses, or in city or state government.
Students should be able to develop essential skills in design, natural science, and modern construction techniques.
Courses specific to the major will include environmental systems, site engineering and construction, plant materials, planting design, and many more.
In this course, students learn about the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.

This course provides students with a study of construction materials like concrete, masonry, wood, and metals, in relation to how they are used in a project. Most programs also require that students complete some form of internship or work study program before graduation. In most cases, landscape designers will split their time between developing new projects in the office, and overseeing an actual project in progress at a job site. Most programs will require that students learn CAD, or computer-aided design, programs as well. Students will also develop skills in cost estimating, and construction documentation, including planting design, grading plans, layout plans, and construction details. All states require landscape architects to be licensed to oversee a project from start to finish. The BLS also reported that the median annual income for landscape architects was $62,090, in 2010.

It is highly recommended that those working in the field become licensed or certified by professional organizations like the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards after gaining work experience.
While each state’s requirements are different, most will require a degree from an accredited school, and one to four years of work experience under the supervision of a licensed landscape architect. In most cases, students should be able to complete a bachelor’s degree in landscape design in four to five years.

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