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Ferncreek Design is committed to meeting your landscape design and gardening needs while adhering to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Other designers will hand you your final design after meeting with you just once, and then leave it up to you to "take it or leave it".
Naturalistic ponds are normally free form in shape as found in nature, typical as you would see in nature. Natural ponds look better if they are adjacent to either a patio or wood edges, rather than out in open lawn. Some plants are common in English garden landscape design such as camellias which are disease resistant, Geraniums which are attractive and requires less maintenance.

Often they have rocks or stone at the edges.They are beautifully curved - try to mimic nature!Many times, they have water coming from a higher elevation, tumbling into the pond.
Peonies which provide brilliant vibrant colors and aromatic sweet peas, lavenders and thyme can add the natural fragrance to your garden as well as Delphiniums. That is why, it is imperative that your garden should attract more bees, birds and butterflies to help natural pollenitation which becomes one of the characters of an English garden. An English garden landscape requires you to be loose and let the nature takes over on the beauty of it. If you are a fan of a natural looking garden and yet enjoy sitting in a lush garden with colorful flowers around, check on these English garden landscape design tips below to start making on in your house.

Potted plants such as violas, cornflowers, pot petunias and forget-me-nots are also perfect to make your English garden landscape designs more attractive.

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