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Weeds are the natural enemies of gardeners, but there are a few tricks you can use to reduce the number of weeds that appear every year. On the other hand, landscape fabric works well in gardens that include woody bushes and permanent displays, such as rocks and perennial plants, because it provides a barrier against random seeds. Roll out the fabric, fuzzy side down, to cover all the dirt, and overlap the edges a little. If plants are already in the garden, then cut slits in the fabric and pull it around the plants.
Once landscape fabric is in place and the garden is established, it requires minimal maintenance. Commercial Bag and Supply is one of the Midwest’s largest suppliers of landscape fabric for both commercial and residential use.
When purchasing landscape fabric, there are two basic options – burlap or woven polypropylene – each with distinct advantages.
For some types of permanent gardens, using landscape fabric creates a strong border against organic matter, such as seeds, from getting into the soil.
Places where you change plants frequently or work with annuals are not good choices for using fabric.
The fabric deteriorates over time, however, usually lasting approximately five years or more. It is easier to install the fabric before plants, because you simply line the garden and then cut out holes for the plants.

In the area right next to the stems, cut the fabric away from the plant, leaving a hole large enough for it to grow.
Landscape fabrics are utilized in a variety of home and nursery situations for controlling weeds without the use of chemicals or sprays. This fabric is not a good choice for every garden, but it works well for those that go unchanged from year to year. Gardens that depend on the desired plants spreading by creeping or dropping seeds are also not good candidates for landscape fabric.
Add whatever compost and soil treatments you want to the soil, because it is not accessible once the fabric is down. Push garden anchors or large u-shaped garden staples through the fabric and into the dirt about every foot in the garden. If you are planting new plants, use the utility knife to cut a 4-inch hole in the fabric where the plant is going in the ground.
In most cases, gardeners spread organic mulch 3 inches deep all over the fabric, near but not touching the stems of the plants. If you use mulch as a topping, you need to replace it every year as it breaks down and forms a layer of dirt on top of the fabric. Our specially trained cutters and sewers can manufacture landscape fabrics to almost any size or shape to meet your custom needs.
Buyers can find landscape fabric at most home improvement stores, gardening retailers, or at online shopping sites like eBay.

By the end of five years, the yearly addition of mulch has created enough dirt that the fabric, even if it is in good condition, does not stop the weeds.
For rock gardens, add a layer of small rocks, also about 3 inches thick, all over the fabric to hide it away. The fabric is made from 50% Ingeo PLA fibers, derived from sustainable agricultural resources like corn. When planting or landscaping, the fabric can be utilized for walkways, flower beds, paths, and any other small projects. WeedBlock Natural prevents weed growth, yet allows moisture and air in for healthy plant growth. Burlap is a natural fiber made from Jute and is strong and biodegradable, so chemicals do not seep into soil. Since air and water can easily penetrate, landscape fabrics can be laid directly on freshly planted gardens. Possibly the most versatile home and garden product ever, 100% Natural Burlap had hundreds of uses both indoors and out.

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