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Generally when you’re purchasing some mulch at the local garden supply store, you’re buying cypress mulch.
When you put down wood mulch, it’s not like a call goes out for a convention of termites and other insects in your yard.
Most pest control companies advise against piling mulch against the side of your house, since it can increase the chance of termites entering your home. However, ANY mulch can provide this cover, whether it’s organic wood or bark, inorganic gravel, or even ground rubber. As with other insects, the mulch doesn’t cause termites to multiply, it just offers a conductive environment for the ones that are already in the area. Keep Mulch Dry: If your yard tends to stay wet, limit the mulch layer to 2” or less, and periodically rake the mulch so it can dry out and aerate. I have wood chip mulch all around my home and this year every time it rains I am seeing many hard skin centerpeds climb from the mulch and go all over the outer walls of my home and lanai.
Our kids like to dig in the mulch and they typically do so in a place that doesn’t cause a problem so we totally let them dig for worms there. If your mulch is TOO thick it can allow the termites to bypass the barrier and get to your house.

Pestaway recommended we water the mulch with one of those pest control products that hooks right to the hose. So think about your mulch next time you are about to buy a load of it and have it delivered. There are some techniques you can employ to keep termites from burrowing into your home’s foundation. Instead, the insects that are already in your soil (and there are plenty of them, including termites!) wander into the mulch in your planting beds, like it, and decide to stay.
However, termites are another matter, since they may use the favorable environment in the mulch to gain access to your home. This is good advice, since termites are subterranean and have to keep themselves moist, and mulch provides good cover for their underground tunneling activities. You don’t need to avoid mulch in your yard, just apply it carefully and to keep an eye out for invading insects in your home. Also, watch for termite activity and damage inside your home, and address any problems immediately to limit the damage.
I spoke with Matt Dawson at Natural Creations landscaping and Samara Farms nursery and he suggested buying bags of mulch from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

However, the popular idea that mulch attracts or is the cause of termites and other insects is something of a myth. They can be found in similar numbers beneath bark, wood, gravel, and rubber mulch, though fresh wood chips may have the added attraction of providing a food source.
He says it is a little more expensive, BUT you can feel confident that there will be no critters or termites inside. It might not hurt if you got some simple termite preventative spray and spritzed that gulf every so often. I was speaking with another realtor and she said that she has had a couple of situations in the past year where someone mulched their beds in anticipation of listing their house.
In the inspection period, the buyer’s termite company found that there were termites around the foundation of the house. The seller could not prove that it was from the new mulch (but it was) and so had to pay $600 to have their previously termite-free house treated for the pesky buggers.

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