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We are the best mulching service in Easley, SC because we go above and beyond for our customers.
Whether you need grading for a multi-acre property or just for your backyard, we are the service for you. Good mulch yard service requires a ton of experience and inside knowledge of soils, sods, and nutrients. Not every lawn care company Easley, SC is capable of composing a high-quality mulch that will benefit your yard’s health and appearance.
Greenville Mulch Installation provides a layer of organic material that is spread over the surface of the ground to reduced evaporation from the soil, therefore conserving water. Mulching also has the added benefit of reducing the number of weeds that pop up over the seasons. When it comes to mulching, you can count on the expert Greenville lawn care contractors at BC Lawn Care.

If you are looking for a Greenville Mulching expert, then please call 864-859-5987 or complete our online request form.
Upstate Materials Employees have served the Upstate and Western NC with the finest mulch products for nearly twenty years. Customers who use large quantities of pure bark mulch or TumbleSafe playground mulch can save significant money by buying in tractor trailer load quantities shipped directly from our Spindale plant.
Folks who live in the Tri-Cities area can take advantage of being near one of the Southeasts leading pure bark mulch production facilities, located at 325 Spindale Street in Spindale behind the old Stonecutter Textile Plant.
Proper mulching inhibits the germination of weed seeds due to lack of light if applied thickly enough. We serve the public Monday through Saturday with high quality mulch products and landscape supplies at wholesale pricing levels. Mulch Mart of Powdersville SC carries several top-quality blends of mulch, perfect for beautifying your home and garden.

Our Mulch staff is always friendly, professional and highly communicative with our clients.
So far, there has not been a clearing, grading, or residential mulch yard job that we have not been able to complete with professional results. Whatever type of mulch you would like to use, our Greenville Mulch Installation experts can handle the job.

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