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The traditional approach to spreading mulch with a wheel barrel and hours of physical labor are a thing of the past. The Bark Blower uses light weight hoses and allows us to reach those hard to reach areas and maintain the beauty of your gardens and mulch beds with limited foot traffic. Diversified Landscape Company was the original mulch blowing company here in Southern California.  In 1997 Diversified Landscape purchased their first Express Blower Unit and revolutionized the placement of mulch on So Cal landscape jobs. Mulch is not just an eye pleasing addition; it helps prevent erosion on slopes and helps our water conservation efforts maintaining soil moisture by reducing evaporation. We can apply a number of materials with our Express Blower trucks including; Green Waste Mulch, Playground Wood Chips (ASTM 1292 certified), Color Wood Chips, Fir Bark, Walk on Bark and Compost.

American Mulch & Groundcover, LLC specializes in commercial and residential mulch, soil, compost and playground surface installation.
Our equipment allows us to install groundcover from as far away as 1,200 feet from our installation trucks, making it easy for us to install our materials in any location, no matter how removed from the road they may be. The Bark Blower can install the mulch more efficiently in less time providing an overall cost savings to you. It can inhibit the germination and growth of weeds, as long as the mulch is applied deep enough. Using state of the art pneumatic blower trucks complimented with trained manual installers we are able to install numerous types of groundcover in a fraction of the time that it would take most contractors.

Mulch also serves as an insulator for the root systems of plants keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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