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In this tutorial we help your landscape photography climb to new heights by showing you the many different ways to shoot striking mountain landscape scenes. There are other shots of this scene in my photostream but I posted this because I like the reflections in the water. This photo got lots of views because it came up in Google images when doing a search for mountain landscape. If, however, the image was without a lake and just sported a beautiful mountain-scape with an exposure that worked the sky in just fine, you might choose to use the polarizer on the foliage, which would enhance its colors and reduce glare.
Snowcapped mountains, whether in person or in a photograph, have a way of putting things in perspective. Spring is a time for growth and with that makes it a good time to grow your photography skills and talent. In all of these seasons, the images shown are true landscape images that display a breadth to them. The Only photography newsletter you will ever need to read!Free newsletter with new tips and tutorials every week.
David Peterson is the creator of Digital Photo Secrets, and the Photography Dash and loves teaching photography to fellow photographers all around the world. The trees and grass are plush green, and if you can photograph on a cloudy day, the clouds will help to diffuse the bright sunlight that summer brings.

Not only does it add a rich blue to the sky and more definition between the sky and clouds you’re shooting, but it can liven up green landscape along the mountainside.
You still have some warm days from summer, yet the mountains can see early snow, and the foliage can be remarkable in many areas of the world. Maybe there’s little to no sky to contend with and the filter is better used on the mountains.
There will be several times when you may want to move in closer to a mountain and capture the more intimate parts of it, such as the wildlife that roams it or the trees and streams that grow and run off it. However, photographing mountains can be tricky depending on the season and the effect you’re going for. If there’s not so much glare due to cloud coverage, like in this image, consider turning the polarizing filter on the mountains. In many places the mountains might still be boasting snow on their peaks, giving interesting contrast to the growth happening in the valley below.
To give professional touch to your photographs, now it is not necessary to consult some professional. Play with the polarizer filtering on both the sky and the landscape and see what you come up with. Photographing snow-capped mountains can be the most rewarding, but also the most difficult because you’re dealing with glare, and if the sun is out and you’re at high altitude, I mean a lot of glare!

Try laying low on the ground and shooting up to the mountain to give it that extra height and presence.
It’s a must have filter for landscape photography, and as you’ll see, for a different reason in almost every season!
Naturally, the reflection in the lake is what makes this image, so the photographer chose to use the polarizer on the sky.
So, once again, it’s your call as the photographer analyzing the situation and the results you want on the screen. For more help on taking better photos in the snow, see my article on getting the most from a snowy scene.
Although you’ll mostly want a greater depth of field, keeping your f-stops on the higher numbers, there may be a case where you want to go shallow with depth of field (small f-numbers) to make either the mountains or the foreground in sharper focus.

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