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Vizcaya, located on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida, is a wonderful example of a Renaissance garden and one of the top 5 most beautiful gardens in USA.
The formal gardens were designed in 1928 when the house was built and the landscaping was completed.
Callaway Gardens has 13,000 acres in Georgia is one of the top 5 most beautiful gardens in USA. Some of the top 5 most beautiful gardens in USA are part of the formal homes built in the early part of the 1900s.
The 60-acre garden is a grouping of both international and native plants that bloom with year-round color.
Now, the formal gardens portray the annuals and tulip plantings with new patterns being created each year. Maclay Gardens State Park in Florida is a stunning ornamental garden in a portion of the state park and is one of The Most Beautiful Gardens In America.

It has one of the world’s most extensive azalea gardens, butterfly conservatory, and the vegetable garden where PBS films the “Victory Garden” show.
The gardens were designed to complement the homes that were built, the environment and the lives of the inhabitants. The peony garden contains herbaceous peonies – Chinese, Japanese, French, as well tree peonies. The formal gardens are replicas of the traditional Italian gardening including a water display, classical statues, sculptured beds of grass, topiary trees and shrubs, and decorative banisters.
The woodland gardens are planted on the rim of the woods with a variety of plants that are shade tolerant woods. Some of the most beautiful gardens in America are Winterthur, Vizcaya, Kingwood Garden, Alfred B. The gardens are skillfully landscaped with a charming brick path, a secret garden, a reflection pool, a walled garden, all with an emphasis on azaleas and camellias.

Kingwood also has an herb garden with kitchen and medicinal herbs and contains a vertical garden.
Kingwood’s collection gardens are planted with peonies, Siberian and bearded iris, roses, and day lilies. The gardens of Kingwood are exceptional because they change every season and every year so the display always varies. The following are the approximate blooming dates for the seasonal gardens at Kingwood depending, of course, upon the weather: daffodils from mid-April to early May, iris from late May to early June, peonies in June, the perennial garden from April to the frost in fall, roses from June to autumn frost, tulips from early to mid-May, day lilies from July to August, wildflowers from early May to fall frost, and the annual display from July to September.

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