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The key is putting it all together in a way that is original and eye-catching.While this challenge is very doable, an abundance of frilly garden containers and accessories makes modern landscaping tricky at times, especially when homeowners adopt a DIY approach. However, if you are the DIY type and want to tackle the entire thing with the help of friends and family (or if you’re looking for ideas to pass on to the experts), take inspiration from the images below!Grass TileOne of today’s most popular modern landscape features involves outdoor grids! In this first yard, landscape designers selected elfin thyme to fill in the rectangular spaces.
The accompanying modern yard combines grass and concrete tile to create a lawn that may as well be a work of art.

In the modern English garden below, flagstone pathways and gravel define the space, and with the help of strategically placed tile, a bird bath serves as an enticing focal point. [from Stonegate Gardens]  In this next yard, gravel and stone form a pathway that doubles as a rock garden.
For a unique take on the stepping stone pathway, divide your yard into gravel and grass sections, then connect them with a stone path to tie it all together. [from Furnishism] Plant PlacementWhile planning where to place grass, gravel and stone is challenging enough, adding large plants presents new opportunities for landscaping. In this next image, a modern courtyard is enhanced by a Japanese maple with its own stony bed. In many modern spaces, especially the ones that lack grass, the seating is an important centerpiece that adds design interest.

The Nest Chair is showcased below, along with an assortment of outdoor items from CB2: Even the smallest of outdoor balconies can be transformed into cleverly landscaped spaces. If your yard is in need of a  major overhaul, perhaps devising a plan with the help of a landscape designer is the answer.

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