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Having just remodeled their home, these clients wanted a mid-century modern landscape to match the style of the house. Modernism (1950 to 1980) - Although Modernism was a precursor to Mid-century Modernism overseas, in Australia progressive architects did not experiment with the style until after World War II.
Indoor-outdoor flow - It may sound quaint now, but back in the ‘50s, the idea of indoor-outdoor living was revolutionary for the average Australian.
Mid-century Modern - When designing a Mid-Century modern kitchen, you are looking for small accents of Mid-century placed throughout a modern design.

The boomerang shape pays homage to mid-century modern style, and it is crafted from a beautiful African rosewood called bubinga (hence the name of the fixture). Modestly sized, mid-century modern homes were often light, thin and screen-like and would only gently touch the earth.
Mid-century Modern homes took advantage of the new passion for bringing the indoors out and vice versa: wide windows, sliding doors, patios. More streamlined than earlier versions, the midcentury examples usually have wings that are completely open or partially broken away from the arms.Inspiration for a midcentury bedroom in Orange County with white walls and cork floors.

The piece shows us a lot about the way Policky and Hagin collaborate.Inspiration for a midcentury dining room in Portland Maine with gray walls and medium tone hardwood floors.
The idea was to create a connection with the natural world that worked equally well with a book in your lap during a quiet moment or a cocktail in your hand at a party.This is an example of a midcentury living room in Baltimore with beige walls and medium tone hardwood floors.

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