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Direct Burial Connection: These include tightly connected bare wires that are tightly sealed, preventing any moisture from reaching them. Pierce-point or push-on connection: These connections use spikes, blades, or pins to pierce the insulating sheath of the direct burial cable and contact the copper connector.
Regular wire nuts and electrical tape connection: These are a fast and cheap method to use, but they are not as safe as the other methods. Use a Direct Burial (DBr) splice connector to connect each landscape lighting fixture to the cable.

Make sure you wait for night to fall and fully analyze your customers landscape lighting before leaving. The down side to these connectors is that moisture can leak into the connection and cause failure. Since low voltage landscape lighting fixtures don't have a polarity, it doesn't matter which fixture gets paired with which cable wire. Be sure to visit our Guide on how to make proper Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Splices for more detailed information on this topic.

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