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Landscaping Company in LaGrange, GASince 2011, My-T-Clean Lawn Service has a proven track record of providing creative, high quality landscaping services in the LaGrange, GA area.
The intoxicating scent of freshly mowed grass tickled my nostrils as I proudly looked at my lush green lawn. A method of lawn maintenance that was saving money on my water bill, keeping neighbor children and pets safe, and protecting the environment while still having a beautiful healthy lawn that made my jealous neighbors wonder why they haven't made the switch to organic lawn care yet. The debate continues whether lawn pesticides are harmful to young children, pets, and the environment.
The first thing Lawn Mowing Team would suggest is to adjust your mentality to what a perfect lawn looks like. The second thing Lawn Mowing Team in Georgia would suggest is adjust your cultural practices such as mowing and watering techniques.
When Lawn Mowing Team in Georgia is mowing your lawn to short lengths like your country club fairway is not beneficial or correct.

Our excellent gardening set-up, seasonal cleanup, and lawn maintenance assistance have brought many smiles to our clients over the years.Homeowners who have had the pleasure of working with our professional staff find that we not only produce a better landscape environment, but our services often save them money and increase the resale value of their home. A flush of happiness soothed my body and mind because I knew the sight I was staring at was the result of organic fertilizers and absolutely no lawn pesticides. It isn't much of a debate these days with numerous new studies coming out providing evidence that many of the materials that were and still are being used in "traditional" lawn care will cause cancer and other health problems while harming our environment. Without practicing these two things properly, your lawn will continue to fight nature instead of working with it. My-T-Clean Lawn Service provides the ultimate value for our clients’ investments in professional lawn care services.From leaf removal to building elegant flower beds, our professional staff has successfully beautified properties all over LaGrange.
I felt confident that I had overcome challenges and was now performing a new, better way of lawn care. My goal of this article isn't to scare homeowners into using safer products or to provide statistics and scientific research on if lawn pesticides are bad.

My goal is to educate, and let folks know that there is a better way of maintaining a lawn through the use of organic materials and inform them why it is beneficial for them to make the switch. We strive to give your lawn that personal, colorful touch of nature to bring out its true beauty.
Hopefully with the help of this education, consumers will start demanding that companies such as Scott's begin to put more of their large R&D budgets toward safer and more natural products that are as effective as the chemicals we have been blasting our lawns with for years.

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