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Even if your perennials need staking, your hedges need a trim or your lawn is looking patchy, you can lift the whole garden picture by getting your edges looking good. Perhaps the most important consideration to take into account when looking for a new lawn edger is the size of your property. If your property features numerous areas which must be edged with regularity, you will probably want to spend more money for a larger, more powerful machine that will take more of the effort out of the job for you. If you have minimal edging to accomplish, you may be better off purchasing a smaller edger.
If you have a smaller yard with minimal edging to do, you should probably choose an electric unit.
If keeping your lawn edges cleanly manicured is important and you have a lot of edging to do, you should spend more money. If you opt for a more powerful, gas edger, you need to decide whether you want a machine with three or four wheels. Finding the ideal lawn edger requires you to choose from among a few different types of machines. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on gas-powered and electrically-powered lawn edgers. If you can’t stand having to mix oil and gas, plus you are concerned about the environment, you might want to consider a machine with a four cycle engine.
Even though you may only use this type of machine sparingly, you should opt for one that features a strong blade. Since they generally lack the power of gas edgers, electric machines can take longer to edge areas that have been left for some time. Since cordless machines run on battery power, they can only run for as long as the battery holds a charge. For quality and value it’s hard to look past the McLane lawn edgers, especially if you have lots of edging to do. A power lawn edger creates a professional, sharp edge around sidewalks, driveways, gardens and other landscape features.

Good to KnowSome power lawn edgers include a trenching blade that makes burying electrical lines or sprinkler lines much easier.
If you need to edge along a raised curb or bed and the lawn edger includes a curb wheel, turn off the machine and lower the curb wheel so it makes contact with the curb.
Keep the blade close to, but not touching, any concrete, curb or patio you're edging along. If the edger has a bevel adjustment, you can trim the lawn edge at an angle (bevel edging). To stop the machine, release the blade control handle or press the "Stop" button, depending on the model.
Maintenance is an important part of keeping your lawn edger cutting, so check your owner’s manual for the maintenance schedule. If you are ready to purchase a lawn edger for your home, but you are unsure of what type will suit you best, you need to ask yourself some important questions. If you had an infinite amount of time available to complete your edging work, you would probably do just fine with a manual edger.
If you need to make every second count, you will be better served by a more advanced edging machine.
On the other hand, if edging is not as important to you as some other lawn jobs, that should be reflected in your edger purchase budget.
Four-wheeled edgers offer greater flexibility in the form of a curb wheel (or kerb wheel, for the Brits out there) that can be extended to street level for greater balance and stability when edging along a fixed curb (kerb). These machines all do the basic job of edging, but they differ in terms of how they approach the job. Working with one of these requires painstaking effort and a true commitment to a great looking lawn.
Many gas-powered and electric string trimmers can be used for basic edging, but some offer you the ability to attach edging implements where the string trimmer head is located.
These machines are capable of edging the largest properties and they are very portable, assuming you are strong enough to lift one of them.

Since corded models must be used within 100 feet of an electrical outlet, they are most useful on jobs requiring a minimum of edging. To get an even cut, run the wheels of the edger on the concrete (or other smooth surface) side of your edging project whenever possible. The following EBQs will help you decide which type of lawn edger will be best for your needs. However, if you live in an appropriate area and you have a lot of edging to do on a regular basis, a gas-powered lawn edger is the tool you need. And I have to admit that I find edging by hand quite an absorbing job – as long as I have plenty of time to do it in. Store your lawn edger somewhere dry and out of reach of children, pets and possible damage. Power Lawn Edger OperationEdging doesn't have to be done weekly – every other week is typically enough. All edgers work similarly, depending on options, but follow the operating instructions for your specific model.Step 1Position the lawn edger near your starting point. To get an even cut, run the wheels of the edger on the concrete (or other smooth surface) side of your edging project whenever possible.
Move slowly, letting the machine do the work.Step 6To stop the machine, release the blade control handle or press the "Stop" button, depending on the model.
Manufacturers of some gas-powered models instruct you to let the engine idle to cool down before turning it off.Power Lawn Edger Care and MaintenanceBefore storing your edger, make sure you let it cool off.

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