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Both owners of residential as well as commercial locations undoubtedly understand the importance of proper tree and shrub care in order to have the continued growth and development of their particular landscape investments. When you call upon a professional such as Vermont’s own Open Earth Landscaping, they will come to systematically evaluate the current condition of your landscape, using their analysis to put together the very best service program for your tree and shrub care. In addition, you will find that they know exactly when and how to prune thus giving the very best tree and shrub care possible. Before you hire us for your landscaping, lawn care, snow removal, or stone work needs, check out our before and after pictures! Quality Landscaping Services, LLC serves Connecticut (CT) proudly!  But what makes us the proudest is when we're told we've done a great job!
Have a professional assess each scenario: this will provide you with a proper treatment plan as needed.
Soil Test: At least once a year you should test your soil, to make sure you are getting proper nutrients to your trees and shrubs.

Ask questions: A professional should be able to assess your plant material and give you an adequate estimate of the next steps for your tree and shrub care.
Trees and shrubs are not cheap and Blooming Valley Landscape & Supply understands your frustration when your investment begins to look under the weather. Owners thus know that they need a landscape company who is a trusted professional, has total dedication to landscaping so that they may apply only the paramount treatments, and always at the right times to ensure the continual development and growth of their trees and shrubs. For instance they will carefully inspect your hollow plant stems, within logs, in clumps of plants or grass, rocks, tree bark, and of course leaf litter. After all, trees and shrubs are a significant part of both the character and beauty of your landscaping design, so that their health must be continued at all times.
Then even later in the season, your newly planted trees and shrubs will receive the necessary nutritional support needed in order to prepare them for winter. Deep knowledge of damaging insects and diseases means that Open Earth Landscaping will know precisely what to do to prevent them for you.

Because many insects become active during winter, additional control treatments are absolutely mandatory. They understand exactly how to prevent future problems by pruning correctly and accomplishing it during the tree or shrub’s formative years, as it should be. In Vermont, no other landscaping company knows as much as Open Earth Landscaping for tree and shrub care.

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