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S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists provides a full range of tree, lawn, and landscape services in Minneapolis and St. The evergreen trees we grow are typically sold to homeowners, landowners, landscape contractors & municipalities.
Both times the work was performed quickly and efficiently, and the debris was cleaned up so thoroughly that you could not tell they had been there unless you combed the grass for sawdust remnants.

Evergreen trees are also known as conifers, meaning they retain their needles & stay green year round. The correct use of and placement of evergreen trees can add to the overall character & value of a property, provide year round screening from roadways or undesirable neighboring properties, reducing noise, can act as a natural border, provide windbreakers, provides great habitat for songbirds & help reduce air pollution. Later we transplant the evergreen seedlings into either pots for sale or transplanted into our evergreen growing fields.

From there the trees will be grown to a larger size to be field potted, burlapped or tree spaded out.

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