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You are going to have similar issues with the oaks - well-established trees with an aggressive root system.
I do however, have pine trees in my yard which have roots above the ground just like yours. I'd also suggest converting your existing conventional spray heads to a drip system with emitters for individual shrubs for best results, all of these existing trees will outcompete any of these new plants for surface water, and they will especially need some supplemental watering in the dry seasons to get established.
Ball and Burlap trees are dug in early-April to Mid-May, and again in late-August to mid-October.
The much larger truck spade causes less disturbance to the tree's root system, and therefore allows you to plant trees in the 6' to 10' range. We do not have a truck mounted tree spade, but there are several independent operators in the north metro area. Call us today at (763) 444-8206 or email us to discuss balled and burlap trees and truck spaded trees for all your landscaping needs.

I'd start with several inches of the free mulch and perhaps invest in soaker hoses to circle the pine, under the mulch. And obviously landscaping under it in the traditional sense is not gonna work, which is why nothing grows there now - too large a tree with a too dense root system, lots of surface roots and too much shade. A good shade and drought tolerant groundcover may work (check local nurseries for what they'd recommend for your area), but be careful about too much cultivation under these trees - oaks in particular resent having their roots messed about with.
It is difficult to see from the photos which species of Oak these trees are, if they are Coast Live Oaks, it will be best not to plant anything under them that require summer irrigation. We try to dig the trees within 24 hours of your scheduled pick up to assure you a fresh plant.
We do not dig trees in the summer growing season to avoid severe transplant shock to the tree.
The cost can vary considerably depending upon the size of the tree, the ease of access, the distance from the farm to your location and the distance from the operator to your location.

It looks like you get enough light that you could grow some succulents under these trees, but they would still do better if you amended the soil first so they would have a chance to get established. We are sorry but we do not offer delivery and planting for B & B trees, but we will load it on your vehicle or trailer. The operator always has to initially go to your location to dig the first hole, so there is always one extra trip required (two trees require three trips). With careful selection of a groundcover, it may creep back a bit under the trees on its own. I also plant Pentas around the largest pine mixed in with the Mexican Heathers to add color.

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