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Landscape multi-tab transformers play a critical role in larger low-voltage landscape lighting projects.
For larger lighting projects, the landscape contractor needs to consider the power and flexibility inherent to a multi-tap transformer. Each transformer will have a maximum output, so that all of the items attached to it can’t require more than that wattage combined. To determine the appropriate transformer size, add up the total wattage of all the lamps and add 10 percent more as a safety factor. Determine the cable length needed by measuring the distance from your transformer location to the light fixture furthest away from it. Multi-tap transformers offer the landscape contractor flexibility when designing and installing their lighting systems.
Multi-tap transformers offer landscape contractors a method for compensating for long-run voltage loss.

Multi-tab transformers provide a flexible voltage system, which can be adjusted to meet the needs that come from longer wire runs and other factors. As the name implies, a multi tap transformer is a device that offers more than one voltage output option. To determine the size of the correct transformer, add the combined wattages of all the fixtures, and then divide that number by 0.8. Several companies offer multi-tap transformers, including models that run from 11 volts to 22 volts, with 1-volt and .5-volt increment options.
Timers allow a transformer to be programmed to turn on and off at whatever time you set them for. The system is powered by three 600VA variable-voltage transformers, which were hidden behind plant materials.
To compensate for voltage drop, multi-tap transformers are used to increase initial voltage output.

For example, if one hooks up a light fixture to a 12-volt transformer at the end of 100 feet of cable, the voltage at the fixture could be as low as 9 or 10 volts (a 3-volt drop), thus below the recommended 11-volt minimum. Using a transformer with a 15-volt output, the 3-volt loss results in 12 volts at the fixture (same drop of 3 volts). This is why it is important to use a voltmeter to determine the actual voltage at the fixture, and to use a multi-tap transformer in these systems.

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