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In a world filling up with man made brick pavers and retaining walls, natural stones are becoming rare and often unique in landscape designs. A rather unique natural stone, bluestone is a similar product to flagstone, yet blue in color. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, outcropping stone is usually an accent piece in a landscape that gives the illusion of a natural planting environment or habitat.
With so many options on the natural stone pallet, there is no definitive answer to that question. Exotic stones are much more colorful but a bit more costly then the Michigan natural stones.
It is important that a weed block be placed on top of the ground before placing your stones.

With these bricks, patio stone, and wallstone materials you can create an affordable living space. Stoneybrook Weathered Edge, Sierra, Chestnut, Klassic Granite, Aged Wall, New York Blue, White or one of several others. We do also keep a stock of pudding stones and feature stones if you are looking for something special in an accent boulder.
Natural stones look and feel different from the typical concrete blocks and pavers that are most commonly used.
Overall, some natural stones are more expensive than man made products of cement, such as pavers or retaining wall block. Random shapes and sizes are the hallmark of natural stones, but they also can be cut or milled into a more formal, dimensional product.

Often, natural flagstone is used as a natural stepper pathway embedded in a surround of mulch or stones. As large visual elements in the landscape, outcropping stones are a unique, heavy focal point to any landscape design. Bedding stones are slightly more expensive than mulch, but there is no every other year top-dressing cost.
Natural flagstone is an irregular shaped stone that comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, no two pieces every look alike.

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