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Our goal is to offer our clients dependable lawn care services performed by an experienced and knowledgeable staff.
Distinctive Lawn And Landscape has experience in many areas of the landscape industry including but not limited to seed and sod, landscaping, sprinkler system, dirt work, fences, and drainage. The landscaping industry includes companies that care for and maintain landscapes for residences, and areas around residential complexes and business establishments. Landscaping ServicesLandscaping companies offer a wide range of services, including lawn work such as mowing, cutting and edging grassy areas, trimming bushes, laying sod, and maintaining yards and grounds.
Residential LandscapingThe landscaping industry is expected to see good growth in the coming years because Americans are becoming more particular about maintaining their yards and landscapes -- for their own enjoyment and also for raising the value of their home. Commercial and Seasonal LandscapingWhen economic conditions improve and new commercial properties are constructed and developed, the demand for landscaping work rises.
Financial FactsA whopping 72 percent of the landscaping industry is driven by small business owners, with the industry as a whole growing by approximately 10 percent annually.

Celtic Landscaping uses the finest and most appropriate equipment for each job, so the outcome is always the best.
Ted SmithBangor, MaineI thought that our grounds would be too large for a reasonable priced landscaping company.
John HigginsAME Management GroupWhen we moved into our new home, the last thing we wanted to worry about was trying to install landscaping ourselves. This industry also includes companies that design and construct pathways, stone walls and fences, patios and decks. Typically, the revenue from landscaping projects for corporate properties is higher than that of residential properties.
By July 2012, the industry had already reached $61 billion in annual revenues, according to IBIS World's market research report.
The industry's entrance cost is low, and according to Entrepreneur, some business owners finance their new business with a personal loan or a credit card.

The fall season brings a change of weather and a change of focus, as landscapers find work laying gardens and providing maintenance services such as pruning, weeding and fertilization. This means more business for landscapers as homeowners consider adding professional landscaping to their list of desirable home improvement projects. This is because corporations work with bigger budgets and bigger properties, and often have more elaborate landscaping than you see in a typical residence. In 2012, landscaping supervisors earned about $20 per hour, while workers earned about $12.44 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your home will be serviced on a regular basis by an experienced, dependable crew, supervised by a dedicated owner.

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