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Please, feel free to use our mulch calculator to determine how much product you will need; or call today and we will be happy to come out, measure and make the calculations for you. Decorative Rock: There are many shapes, colors and types of decorative rock that can be used as mulch, including pea gravel, pebbles, crushed stone, river rock and more.
Shredded Hardwood Mulch: Shredded hardwood mulch works well at keeping down weed growth and does not wash away easily. For your landscaping quote, either fill out our online professional services form or call us directly at (319) 377-4195!
Mulch acts as a weed barrier, it helps retain moisture and nutrients in your soil and it enhances the look of your gardens.

This type of natural mulch works well for acid-loving shrubs, trees and plants, such as azaleas, camellias and rhododendron, and allows water to flow through easily. Decorative rock provides excellent weed control and does not need to be replaced unless the layers settle after a few years.
Rubber mulch is very effective at weed control and is heavier than wood mulch so it won't float away. Rubber mulch is often used in playgrounds because it is softer than some of the natural materials and has more give. Many gardeners add decorative wood or stone mulch on top of fabric to enhance its appearance.

That is why purchasing your bark from a reputable and trusted dealer like A2Z Landscaping is so important.

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