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Landscape rakes excel at tasks from getting soil ready for seed to light grading of gravel drives. Post hole diggers (PHD) work well for digging holes for the planting of trees and shrubs or for digging of deck and fence posts.
Whereas the TPR5 uses the tractor PTO to power the soil reclamation, the 20A148 does much the same through pure mechanical action. A loader may well be the most used or underused attachment in your garage or shed, but it is the one implement your back will thank you for over and over after the purchase. From what we saw, we believe so, and the posted experiences of owners we see on the Internet forums seems to back that up, but the most telling affirmation might just be the colors you see available. Enables the rake to perform light blading duties for moving and leveling dirt as well as other materials.
The rake assembly can be removed from the main frame and a RB16 Series rear blade assembly can be attached to the frame to give the Land Pride Rake versatility.
With It's Reinforced Rake Angle and Full Size Rake Tines, Raking Rocks and Debris is Simple and Easy.

At this point you have two choices: go to your dealer and pay a premium for their color paint or look to an aftermarket company and save. A power rake is especially suited to reclaiming a let-go lawn but it also can be used to remove rocks and debris from construction sites as well as recondition baseball diamonds and walking paths. Woods furnishes many of these implements for OEM resale, in their color and with their labeling. With an operating weight of 190 lbs, the RBC60 is perfectly suited for your SCUT, yet its solid construction will yield years of service life. The TPR5 weighs 575 lbs and requires an auxiliary hydraulic outlet for angling, so it is on the edge of SCUT capability, but what a job it does getting a lawn leveled and ready for seed.
All of Woods PHD line use an auger with a fish tail center that helps pull the bit into the ground, but in hard soil conditions you may want to consider the optional hydraulic down force kit (requires an auxiliary hydraulic outlet). The blades rotate at 11,400 rpm in a CCW direction and are made from heat-treated alloy steel for long life. The RDC54 comes with a one-year residential warranty with the gearbox covered for three years and is available in orange, blue, green and red.

These Land Pride Landscape Rakes are perfectly suited for use by landscapers, contractors, and rental yards and have applications at housing and road construction projects, golf courses, terracing sites, run-off control projects, and reclamation and reforestation sites. We highly recommend the optional chain shielding and you may want to consider optioning up for the solid rubber casters. Remember, in most conditions a reverse rotation tiller will till deeper and faster than a forward rotating tiller, which has advantages in loose or wet soil. Gauge wheels add cost but will make the landscape rake one of your best performing implements.

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