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South Texas Growers is a wholesale & retail nursery that offers landscape and irrigation services in the Bulverde, Texas area. Mexican Feathergrass is an attractive, ornamental landscape plant, native to West Texas and other parts of the American Southwest and northern Mexico. The Lindheimer Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas will have its September meeting on the 15th at 7:00 at the GVTC Auditorium. All decisions on plant spacing should be based on a plant's mature height and mature width, and these are the dimensions listed in this publication.

An asterisk (*) denotes those plant materials which are particularly outstanding for this area. Our nursery specializes in deer resistant, drought tolerant, Texas native and adaptive plants. For most of the year, we Texans try to find heat and drought resistant native plants that are both beautiful and hold up against the Texas heat. Unless you want to water daily, while trying to avoid fees and tickets, it is best to incorporate drought tolerant plants into your home or business’ landscaping.

Hiring a professional landscaping company that specializes in native grasses and wildflowers is the perfect way to begin your landscaping makeover.

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