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The result is a spectacular, information-rich landscape design that will amaze your clients, win you new contracts and assist your crew as they bring your plan to life. Seamless integration with the rest of the DynaSCAPE suite makes it easy for you to transform your drawings into both instant and accurate quotations, and windows of insight into the health and growth of your entire landscape business.
DynaSCAPE Design is professional landscape design software that helps you produce attractive, feature-rich drawings quickly and easily. Visit our online store or contact the DynaSCAPE sales team to purchase the most professional landscape design solution!
DynaSCAPE Color is the exciting landscape software module that gives you the ability to create beautiful full color versions of your landscape design drawings in a fraction of the time that it takes to color them by hand or with 3rd party software. By significantly reducing the amount of time required to add a professional hand-colored appearance to your DynaSCAPE drawings, DynaSCAPE Color lets you produce more full-color drawings for your clients, helping you to sell more of your designs. Just installed DynaSCAPE Color yesterday afternoon and have been playing around with it all this morning.

DynaSCAPE Color is the application for our professional landscape design software that lets you add beautiful colors, shadings and opacities to your DynaSCAPE Design drawings. You only need to see a single page of output from DynaSCAPE Design to appreciate just how completely computer-assisted landscape design software has come of age. The result is a spectacular, information-rich landscape design that will amaze your clients, win you new contracts and assist your crew as they bring your plan to life. In the field of CAD landscape design software, DynaSCAPE Design continues to lead the way with a level of design quality that remains unequalled in the industry. Although we cannot guarantee which video cards will result in optimal performance, a 512 MB dedicated video card (separate from the motherboard) with support for DirectX 9 graphics is recommended if you plan to use Hardware rendering. The plan view designs look so professional and when the rendering program is released, I think you'll have people who have scoffed at designing on the computer turning their heads.
We plan on providing more flexibility in a future release, but for the time being you will probably find you need to set your DPI settings to the default.

You’ll receive the downloadable installation file, manual, and training videos right away!
I can’t even express how excited I am to show a client a Colour Rendering Concept Plan of their yard and see their appreciation of the design. Now, DynaSCAPE Color removes many of the barriers that have prevented some designers from coloring their landscape designs.
If you try to run v6 with your display set to 120 DPI or a custom DPI, DynaSCAPE will warn you to change it to the default (96 DPI).

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