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We offer major manufacturers superior quality solid and machined brass, copper, stainless steel and aircraft grade cast aluminum light fixtures, bulbs and accessories below wholesale prices.
All of our brass low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures are backed by a lifetime warranty and cast aluminum products have a 10 year warranty. Visit our virtual showroom to see our exceptional quality and prices and to purchase landscape lighting for your home, landscape and garden. Under the Ask the Landscape Light Doctor link you will find answers to frequently asked questions about low voltage landscape lighting. The Design a System link has some tips for how to design a lighting system that's just right for your yard. Our Rockford outdoor lighting and landscape lighting installation professionals carry all of the materials, supplies and tools - not to mention the experience - so that we can easily design and create your perfect outdoor illumination plan. There are many different styles of outdoor lighting and installation services that you can choose from, especially when you are working with a company that also allows (and helps) you to customize your choices and design layout while assisting you every step of the way in doing so. Besides the professional and courteous landscape lighting, security lighting and night lighting design and installation services that we offer, you can also shop for LED low voltage landscape lighting fixtures, LED landscape light bulbs and accessories from Landscapes By Michelle, as we sell an entire line of premium quality halogen and LED low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. By adding outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your home grounds well into the night, any time of the year. Installing lighting focused on stairs, driveways and paths is both attractive and practical. The professional outdoor residential lighting experts say Landscapes By Michelle have the skills to transform landscapes for nighttime use. Proper outdoor lighting is essential for any type of property because it makes homes safer, illuminates walkways and enhances curb appeal. We are on the verge of another revolutionary trend in environmentally friendly, energy efficient lighting technology.
A few of LED lighting selections are LED are available in different product forms; all of these can be used in exterior or interior business and home implementations.
We can walk you through our selection of products to find the perfect lighting solutions for your business or home. Landscapes By Michelle designs and installs inspiring outdoor lighting systems for all of your ambient, outdoor landscape lighting, security lighting and holiday lighting needs, for fine homes in the Rockford, Illinois area. Good landscape lighting and security lighting materials and supplies are more than mythical magic. The most compelling reason to buy your landscape lighting and security lighting supplies and products from Landscapes By Michelle is to transform yard space into inner space. We believe that a good low voltage lighting system can enhance the beauty of your landscape at night as well as help with safety.
Low-voltage lighting systems use 12-volt current, similar to that used for most electric-train sets. At the heart of a low-voltage system is the transformer, which reduces household current and controls the times that the lights are on. Exterior light fixtures come in a wide range of designs to suit different areas and create different lighting effects.

In addition to 12 – and 120-volt systems, some light fixtures use the energy in sunlight to provide electric light in the evening. EPS has the ability to design with low voltage lighting system to paint an infinite palette of mood begins with full knowledge of how light works within a given space.
Installation of low voltage lighting systems by our electricians follows as a sensible corollary to design.
We offer local Rockford outdoor lighting fixture installation using products from top name manufacturers.
Landscapes By Michelle is the leader in outdoor lighting design and installation services because we work with each client’s needs to create a lighting solution that is specific to their home or business.
Fortunately, the experienced lighting design specialists at Landscapes By Michelle understand how to get the most from your exterior lighting while ensuring that the look compliments the overall feel of your home or business. Lighting can be used to emphasize a single feature or to showcase many at the same time, and can be focused high up into the trees or close to the ground. If these areas are lumpy, cluttered or overgrown, sufficient lighting can reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls. As important as the right lighting is for private homes, it’s even more important for businesses. There is an eco-friendly, long-lasting lighting system for virtually every industrial, commercial and residential need including LED light bulbs and several lighting configurations created form LED tubes. Because LED lights use about 75% less energy to power than traditional lighting systems, our specialists can help you create a brighter landscape design using more fixtures. You will enjoy significant savings on your energy bills, and as you won’t need to replace light bulbs for years after installation, you will spend less on lighting materials.
Also, when you take into account the fact that LED lighting solutions can be recycled and contain no mercury, their environmental benefits becomes clear.
We do so by providing you with everything you will need to make your night lighting, security lighting and holiday lighting needs happen. Our landscape lighting and security lighting materials and products are chosen and added to our inventory to complement the Northern Illinois resident's tastes and to thrive in the measure of care they will be given. Something happens to us when we see well lit properties, strategically placed and well thought out holiday lighting schemes. Outdoor lighting is great for security, and it can add charm and magic to a walkway, patio or garden. Outdoor 120-volt lighting will need to be installed according to code and may require buried conduit.
Existing residences with their structural limitations may produce low voltage lighting design challenges that are creatively resolved every day with stunning results.
As caretakers of the low voltage lighting systems, we can tailor bulb replacements and other service and maintenance needs without delay via an extensive maintenance fleet.
We’re come fully equipped to take on lighting projects of any magnitude and have created beautiful, well-lit landscapes employing an array of different setups. Finding the right lighting for your Rockford area business can also make your property more attractive, and it lowers the risks of liabilities.

This energy efficient lighting lasts approximately 30 times longer than conventional lighting and is now utilized in everything from stylish, dimmable LED lighting to waterproof solutions for exterior implementations. Our outdoor landscape lighting and security lighting materials and supplies are high quality, affordable and meant to satisfy even the most stringent needs and budget.
The right lighting can bring your landscape to life at night as well as help your guests see where they’re going.
Some models include a photocell that can be used to turn the lights on at night and off in the daytime. For the homeowner, 12-volt, or low-voltage landscape lighting (please click here to see our Low Voltage Lighting products for your landscape) systems have several advantages.
Once installed, 120-volt systems are relatively permanent, while outdoor landscape low-voltage lighting fixtures can easily be relocated if you wish to change your lighting scheme. We also know our tools-the world’s best low voltage lighting products-and how to effectively harness them. Much of our success is due to its long-standing familiarity with custom low voltage design practices for your residential or landscape needs. Our landscape lighting inventory is one of this area's largest inventories of outdoor lighting fixtures and LED light bulbs. Our company prides itself on its creativity and versatility in helping homeowners develop an appropriate and visually appealing residential lighting solution. Turn to Landscapes By Michelle team for all of your commercial lighting needs in the Rockford Area.
One disadvantage with low voltage wiring is that that the wires are not buried deeply and are more prone to being damaged.
When you call us, you are communicating directly with our professional and highly trained landscape lighting dersign and installation staff members right here in Rockford, Illinois. Residential lighting in a landscape expands living space to the outdoors, provides safety as well as added security to your residence. Low-voltage wiring is lightweight and can be laid on the ground or buried just below the surface. When you have us install your outdoor lighting, you will wonder why you have not thought of this years ago. Not only does outdoor lighting enhance your home, it also provides a level of security equal to that of a home security system. Combined with the low energy consumed from the LED bulbs and fixtures we install, you only pay pennies per year to operate one 3 watt bulb.
You will soon realize that this is one of the best investments you have made on your outdoor landscaping.Triton Landscaping has the capacity, knowledge, and design experts to make your home come alive at night.

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