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Directional lights are used when a concentrated beam of light is needed on statuaries, columns, signage, and water features. Once the lighting system is installed, there are three checks you will want to make to ensure everything is functioning properly.
Unlike Landscape Lighting systems available in big-box stores, CAST Lighting products are designed for the landscape lighting professional.
Note that the CAST System of Installation is fully documented in the Landscape Lighting Installation Guide included with all CAST Lighting Transformers. The CAST System is best learned through one of our Hands-On Landscape Lighting Seminars. In order to figure out what size transformer you need, you should add up all the wattage on the bulbs your lights use.
For good measure once all the lights are working, wrap the connectors in Scotch Heavy Duty All-Weather duct tape to keep them sealed and connected. NOW, you can bury the light stakes, check that they are level and then fill the holes with dirt and pack it down.
I’ve always wanted landscape lighting and your post makes it look easy enough that I think I might be able to tackle it. I just finished installing my Malibu garden lights and three of the lights are not working.

Just happened to come across this article while looking for some other information of landscape lighting and was drawn in by the clever website name (always good to be handy!) but wanted to point out a couple of small changes that can make a HUGE difference in how long your install will continue to work perfectly, or work at all.
This is a simple equation, for example, if your lights use 9 watt bulbs, then multiply 9 time the number of light fixtures you have. The transformer senses darkness and turns on the lights at dusk. I prefer this instead of a timer, especially because it will not need to be reprogrammed as the days vary in length throughout the year.
Because the lights I bought were on clearance, they were no longer available in the stores. However, if you accidentally cut your wire, you will have to re-install your lights all over again! The directions that came with the transformer explain that you want your first light to be at or further than 10′ from the transformer. Only to come back 30 minutes later to an error message on the transformer and no working lights. You can cheat this by making your wire loop or arc to take up more length on the wire before your first light. Needless to say, she had to dig up every single light and press all the connections tight again. A  This lets the designer know that each light will have the same voltage on that run and the color temperature of each light will be the same.

It’ll save you from re-enacting The Diggingest Dog should your lights fail to work properly!
And, because, it is very relaxing sitting outside after dark in the glow of the lights with a drink in hand. This protects the wire from being too taut and will hopefully prevent all your lights from being uprooted should someone accidentally (or intentionally) play soccer with one them. A Green Acres only installs landscape lighting using a hub method and we believe the extra time taken creates a higher quality finished product.
The next day she spent too much time on hold with the customer service numbers for the transformer and the light manufacturer. Finally upon removing the last light and plugging in the transformer she found that they suddenly worked.

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