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It is amazingly wonderful if you think about creating a source of water for the wild birds; caring for nature is bliss. With cute color terracotta pots you can create a lovely planter and bird bath, however measurement would be something that you need to adjust as per your requirement.  With using rebar, you can adjust the pots in slanting position and add necessary aesthetic elements.
With the help of a basic basin (an attractive shape and color would help) and some rods, you can design breathtaking bird bath and invite many bird guests to your yard.
You can choose any pots, three or four, color them as you want, glue them to form a stand and add plate at the top.
This type of DIY bird bath would enhance your yard appeal and would give much natural look; you need to fix a bucket and cover it with multiple sizes rock, on the top add a big plate and adjust the water system. This is type of bird bath can be easily made from items lying in your garage or store room. This would be amazing DIY bird bath, as it involves your aesthetics for colors and playfulness.
Creativity in DIY plans can be experienced at best – you can use any type of big leaves for this and create a gorgeous looking bath for birds. This type of bird bath would be serene and attract various birds, butterflies and other beautiful creatures to your yard.
Get two big saucers, and three pots for this birdbath; assemble pots together by fixing saucers at the opposite ends.
Use terra cotta pots to make the stand for the bird bath and use colorful saucer or shallow bowl to add water.

Putting this beautiful garden pot on it's side makes for a great cascading floral effect. Join the Tasteful Landscape community, a free email list for people who love edible landscaping as much as you do. The Tasteful Landscaper's Manifesto Nov 16, 15 02:13 PMLooking back over the week's current events, I believe even more strongly that edible landscaping is the future.
This excerpt highlights some gorgeous and simple garden bird bath ideas that you can use to fulfill your desires. On a colorful container, you need to add misters (three or four) and create a fountain bird bath. Pick up bowls, shallow plates and platters and make a lovely water source for birds and enjoy cheering in your yard. You need to have a big leaf which will help you making a concrete and sand based deep platter for the birds. Add a plastic pole or wooden pole at its base, fix in your garden, add some water to bowl and enjoy many hours of birds watching.
Since then things and times have changed, but one thing remains the same and that is my passion for helping and educating people, building a successful blog and delivering quality content to the readers. Don’t forget to follow the mentioned steps to attain the best type of cheap bird bath; fill it with shells to attract the birds around. The plate at the top would be the bird water section; it is simple to make and would serve the purpose too in almost no costs.

If over the weekend you are in mood of some fun experiment making bird bath, don’t forget to check this one out.
You can attach it at a point where you get sunlight; don’t forget to decorate with fresh flowers.
The key is putting it all together in a way that is original and eye-catching.While this challenge is very doable, an abundance of frilly garden containers and accessories makes modern landscaping tricky at times, especially when homeowners adopt a DIY approach.
However, if you are the DIY type and want to tackle the entire thing with the help of friends and family (or if you’re looking for ideas to pass on to the experts), take inspiration from the images below!Grass TileOne of today’s most popular modern landscape features involves outdoor grids! In the modern English garden below, flagstone pathways and gravel define the space, and with the help of strategically placed tile, a bird bath serves as an enticing focal point. [from Stonegate Gardens]  In this next yard, gravel and stone form a pathway that doubles as a rock garden. For a unique take on the stepping stone pathway, divide your yard into gravel and grass sections, then connect them with a stone path to tie it all together. [from Furnishism] Plant PlacementWhile planning where to place grass, gravel and stone is challenging enough, adding large plants presents new opportunities for landscaping. In this next yard, tall grassy plants and flowers follow the stairs down the slope, creating a multi-tiered extravaganza. [from Lutsko Associates] Metal edging can do wonders for a plant-filled yard.
Details such as seating and planters anchor, unify and define a space, transforming it from a yard to an extension of the home.Pots and PlantersWhen it comes to choosing planters, many nurseries offer affordable selections, but if the contemporary pots are extravagantly expensive or less than stylish, there are plenty of options for sleek pots.

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