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Soil landscape design with peonies so Here are some Why We have intercourse It The redolence is outstanding and the plant has marvellous vigor playing wellspring in the garden each year.
Please click on the links below for details on the various aspects of peony selection and garden design. Now that you are familiar with the groups that make up the 8 Weeks of Bloom we want to take you through how to use all of these plants in your garden.
Woodland Herbaceous Peonies are a separate species of herbaceous peonies worth noting individually due to their preference for shade. For a naturalized planting we begin by throwing the number of tennis balls that correspond with the number of plants we want to plant up into the air loosely and allowing them to settle naturally. Woodland peonies have viable seeds and if let go naturally will self seed in an area creating swaths of peonies. Most of the tree peonies in our catalog come from this group so we tend not to note it specifically. When planting tree peonies it is important to consider the size and presentation of the plant.
When using bookends as the caps at the front of the walkway, we recommend dwarf tree peonies as they will have leaf and flower coverage to the base of the plant. Groupings can be created with tree peonies of the same height and shape, or of varying shapes. Gansu tree peonies are a subset of the suffruticosa group that are distinguished by their purple flare at the center of the flower. Because gansu tree peonies grow relatively quickly they can be used to create a fantastic hedge. Lutea, sometimes referred to as Delavayi, is a species of tree peony with a yellow pendulous flower. For those of you that have a peony collection, or are interested in starting one, we want to share some tips on adding the less conventional yellow colored peonies to your garden. Fern leaf peonies are a subset of herbaceous peonies that are hybrids of the peony species Tenuifolia. Coral peonies are a special subset of herbaceous peony that is actually a hybrid, or cross, between two different herbaceous peonies peregrina & lactiflora.
For a stunning look we suggest planting a row of traditional white herbaceous peonies, such as festiva maxima, in the back with a row of one of the true red herbaceous peonies in the front.
The main group of herbaceous peonies, sometimes referred to as the lactiflora group, is the set of peonies that most people know and love. One of the most impressive features of this group is that it includes every single flower form known to peonies. The photo to the right shows how a heavy flower form with strong stems performs in the landscape. The list of herbaceous peonies can be daunting, so many colors, flower shapes, and bloom times.
These plants are excellent landscape peonies, their short sturdy stems remain upright in the garden with little to no support.
These plants create an outstanding peony garden on their own OR are the perfect plants to mix in with an existing peony garden. These flowers stand upright in the garden with little to no support and are incredibly floriferous. Choosing cultivars with different flower forms but with the same color creates a very beautiful effect. These cultivars are wonderful old fashioned plants that will match with peonies that can be commonly found in old American gardens.
Intersectional peonies can be spaced and laid out in the garden in the same configurations as the herbaceous peonies above. Please refer to the illustrations above on herbaceous peonies for ideas on how to space your intersectional peonies. When using intersectional peonies with herbaceous peonies place the intersectional peonies in the front row.

Using a combination of herbaceous, tree & intersectional peonies can offer a dramatic result. Herbaceous & Intersectional peonies will grow but will not flower to their full extent. Boxes can be lined with landscaping fabric to hold in the potting mix but still allow drainage.
Beautifully designed, sections on history, garden planning, cultivar selection, and planting. I remember reading various writings by gardeners who began with this frustration and found that shade gardening became their preference.
For information about choosing specific varieties of peonies see the section on shapes & colors on our peony care page. This group is also referred to as the Central Plains group of tree peonies as they derive from the Central Plains of China.
Medium height tree peonies are typically partially spreading, forming plants that are as wide as they are tall (5' in diameter and 5' tall). See our peony care page for details on how to choose tree peonies based on these specifications. We suggest interplanting tree peonies with shallow rooted plants such as irises that will fill in the space quickly but can be moved once the tree peony grows larger.
See our section above on Suffruticosa Tree Peonies for ideas on planting individual plants, bookends, groupings and borders for ideas on spacing and layout.
Peonies should be placed three feet apart on center, with at least a foot and a half of space from any edge or structure. These cultivars tend to bloom earlier than classic herbaceous peonies as they are officinalis hybrids. The major difference between intersectional and herbaceous peonies is that intersectional peonies are more compact plants with foliage extending to the base of the plant. We particularly recommend planting intersectional peonies as the front of a long linear garden border.
If you opt not to use landscaping fabric note that the potting mix will settle out at the beginning, until the soil structure develops. If you find yourself just wanting to be done with it, give yourself a break and take an easy-care approach.
Start with your own style, think about the land you have to work with, the house you are trying to match, and dream. Be sure to try to match the style of garden you want to create with they style of your home. Like all peonies they need good drainage and a relatively high level of organic matter in the soil. Tall tree peonies are typically conical and form bushes that are taller than they are wide, growing more vertically than they do horizontally. They are often seen in a corner that is partially protected from wind, with ample space around them.
The are often referred to as Rockii peonies as Joseph Rock helped to make them famous outside of China.
A few key differences in gansu plants are that they tend to grow more quickly, are more cold hardy, and are tolerant of less sunlight than Suffruticosa tree peonies. The color of this subset of herbaceous peonies changes dramatically as they open - as you can see in the above picture of Coral Charm. There is a wonderful set of herbaceous hybrids, similar to the coral peonies, that produce outstanding true red cultivars.
These cultivars pair well with all types of flowers, these flowers don't last as long but are dramatic & intriguing. Tree peonies will bloom first, followed by herbaceous peonies, followed by intersectional peonies.
I prefer the cleaner look of the lawn meeting the soil covered with mulch, which brings me to my fourth suggestion.

Then take the time to prepare the soil, deal with drainage issues and discover the pattern of the sun.
Start with your own style, think about the land you have to work with, the house you are trying to match, and find what inspires you. Woodland peonies look beautiful planted on their own, or can be planted as part of a mixed shade garden with hellebores, hosta, ferns, lily of the valley, and bleeding heart to name a few. These plants are very fast growing for tree peonies and become quite large, up to 7 feet tall.
This makes them excellent cut flowers and amazing garden plants as they remain upright in the garden without staking. Their long stems, with 5 flowers per stalk, create gigantic flowers that are ideal when cut.
The blooms last for three weeks and it is not uncommon to see a plant with the first flush in seed, the second flush in flower and the third flush in bloom. Start with the lawn even if you have more weeds than actual grass; mow it and give it a good raking. If the lawn is quite overgrown, rent a gas-powered edger to do the hard work, but once you do the major cutting, it can be maintained with an electric edger, which is relatively inexpensive. Years ago a friend helped me dig everything out and replant it with a variety of shrubs and perennials. What you're longing for — a row of peonies or a bed of ferns — might be the very thing a friend, or a friend of a friend is looking to part with. Woodland peonies should be planted in a similar manner to other herbaceous peonies, click here for details on planting herbaceous peonies. Promote drainage by amending your potting soil with such things as compost, coconut core, rice hulls, worm castings, perlite and crushed limestone or granite. This can be a disappointment for new gardeners, who might have visions of peonies and roses and lilacs dancing in their heads.
Learn the canonical care of a peony and your backyard perennial garden landscaping ideas with peonies leave pop with Garden peonies Paeonia lactiflora cultivars and hybrids are herbaceous.
Woodland peonies provide three season appeal with delicate white flowers in early spring, lush green foliage throughout the growing seasons, and dramatic indigo and scarlet seed pods in the fall. These cultivars stand upright in the garden without staking, having light flowers on sturdy stems. There is however a whole set of peonies in this group that has been bread as landscape plants. I tackled my yards with energy and passion, learning as I went, but I took the long way round and ultimately created more work than was practical for me to maintain at that stage of life, if ever at all. These cultivars either have large full flowers with incredibly sturdy stems, or they have lighter flowers with fewer petals that can remain upright.
Your front yard is the obvious choice, and the task might be as simple as tidying everything up and flanking the front door with a couple pots of annuals.It's really OK to start slowly. Arouse that peony flower inspire deeply and If you wish to conception type A garden with peonies take angstrom gay fairly roommate field and take care to institute the peonies relatively high in the.
Keep in mind that tree peonies are slow growing plants and will take 10-15 years to reach maturity. Half the lawn was thick and luxuriant, but the other was scraggly and more dirt than anything because of the shade.The brunt of the landscaping was committed to the front yard. There were 14 shrubs jammed into the beds on either side of the front door, and they were a hodgepodge of varieties, planted without any consideration for design or even reason.

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