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A landscape design contract is a written agreement that outlines all aspects of a landscaping project, whether for design or for construction.
Landscape contracts are designed to communicate details of a proposed project between the client and the company.
A good landscape agreement will contain information regarding every aspect of the project and will cover any questions you may have about the work, the cost of landscaping, or the date of completion.
A cancellation clause is also important and should explain any penalties that may be faced, along with details of local regulations that may govern these contracts. Like any legal agreement, a landscape design contract is only binding if it is signed by the right individuals.
Because the scope of landscaping is so broad, there are different types of contracts that may be used. A landscape construction contract is used for installations and the actual construction of your landscape design.

Communication between the property owner and contractors is a must for any successful landscape project.
Offering Free Lawn Care Contract Forms will enlighten you as to what should be included in your Lawn Care Contract Forms.
In the state of California at the time of this writing, any project costing at least $500 must be detailed in a written landscape contract. The total cost must be disclosed in the landscape design contract and expectations of a down payment should be noted as well. Homeowners over the age of 18 must sign the agreement, along with a recognized and licensed official from the firm performing the work, for the contract to take effect. A well-written landscape design contract helps both parties understand the various aspects of the job and offers protection to both sides in the case of disagreements or misunderstandings. You bill them monthly and they send off checks.For large commercial contracts or multi-site contracts you may have to get a bit more complicated.

Written contracts save a great deal of time and money in situations where problems can arise. Landscape contracts are an essential part of any project involving your time, money, and property. If I were you I would call some contractors in your area for a ball park estimate over the phone.

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