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Providing contractors and the construction industry, real-world business solutions for over 35 years.
CORONIS CONSULTING offers you a fresh, overall perspective of your landscaping company’s “Big Picture”. If you want to take your business to the next level, our seasoned, Green Industry Experts can help you!
Marketing for landscaping businesses takes a keen eye on addressing customers’ pain points and hesitancies.
Potential customers that take care of their own landscaping now don’t see the point in hiring someone to do what they can do themselves for free! With the right tools and the right strategy, you can market your landscape business effectively – drumming up new customers and making more money off existing customers. The Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation package includes two email marketing campaigns that will help your customers take care of their own lawns – so they’ll learn just how intricate a process it really is, give up, and call you!
The Monthly Landscaping Tips campaign goes out once a month and lists lawn care tasks that need to be completed each month.

It’s perfectly normal to be wary of inviting strangers to your home or business – especially when you’re not even there. GetUSales’ Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation Package includes seven email marketing campaigns that you can use to keep your brand in front of leads and clients.
I am interested in working with those who choose to examine their business and make smart, and sometimes tough decisions that will enable effective and lasting success. With decades of experience, he knows what is required to run a profitable and successful business.
As a landscape business consultant, he keeps his finger on the pulse of industry trends and not only brings decades of experience but also a unique perspective on the challenges faced by both the small private company as well as the larger national company.
In an industry where most customers see every business as exactly the same, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.
By addressing the concerns listed above, you can overcome your customers’ hesitancies and make your company memorable – so when clients are ready for landscaping, they’ll call you first – not your competitors!
So if your customers or leads want to try to tackle their landscaping alone, by all means, let them – but be right beside them as they trudge through.

Like your long-distance college girlfriend and the treadmill that now serves as your laundry hamper, when your customers aren’t interacting with your business, they’re likely to forget it exists. As a landscape business consultant, I provide affordable operational, management, business and leadership coaching to landscaping companies to increase your success. GetUSales’ 5 Reasons Even Seasoned Landscapers Hire a Landscaper campaign and Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Landscaper explain the benefits of professional landscaping – which there are many, as you already know. But you’re in the landscaping business – most regular people won’t know these benefits until you tell them.

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