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Landscaping can be both fun and laborious–especially in a challenging environment like that of Amarillo.
The Panhandle of Texas has an interesting soil and climate that never fail to test the skills and ideas of landscapers within the city. Amarillo is known for its grand landscape – the beauty of its canyons simply shows that it truly has something to be proud of.
Amarillo is in the upper northwest area of Texas and according to most landscapers, rainfall in this area is unpredictable – sometimes too little or too much for them to handle. Temperature – with its geographic position, Amarillo seems to have varying climates all year round. Wind – because this city is found in the western are of Tornado Alley, Amarillo is recognized as the third windiest city in the US.
Landscapers around the city understand that they need to defy these factors in order to come up with a brilliant idea that will satisfy their clienteles.

Unlike any other city in Texas, according to Koppen Climate Classification, Amarillo has a semi-arid climate which changes temperature every now and then.
Usual forms of precipitation in Amarillo are light rain, thunderstorms, light snow and moderate rain.
Dracaena is a shrub that grows into a not-so-tall tree and is another species that thrives in Amarillo. Landscapers won’t start the project unless they have surveyed and checked the entire outdoor area. Don’t forget to create a sketch of your plan and infuse other elements to add beauty and texture. When it comes to the landscape of your Amarillo, TX office or business, you want every inch of property looking pristine. At AJ's Lawn Care, we understand that the landscaping needs of businesses and larger properties in Amarillo, TX require a lot more than those of your average backyard.

This is just a quick note to say great job to everyone at Awesome Landscape, will definitely recommend you to others. Precipitation in this section of the state is one among the many concerns of landscapers in Amarillo. If you have lived in Amarillo all your life, you might have an edge as you have felt and experienced living in this fascinating region. When planning for a landscape design, it is important to take proper measurements of the vicinity that you want to enhance. We specialize in designing and creating large-scale landscapes for businesses and properties, and we can accommodate your commercial landscaping needs, no matter the size or layout of your outdoor space.

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