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Transform your boring backyard into an oasis, add plants, or create something new with Prestige Landscape Construction. Let us help you with all of your landscaping needs, for both residential and commercial locations. A1 Landscape & Design is the most affordable when it comes to xeriscaping and landscape design. Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping and gardening that helps to reduce the need for extra water pulled from irrigation. Operating in the Temecula, CA area, A1 Landscape & Design is a full-service landscaping and construction company, offering affordable, quality services to all of our customers.
With our landscape design service, we can take any vision or idea that you have for your yard and turn it into a reality. Most importantly, A1 Landscape & Design takes pride in delivering excellent customer service.

Let our professionals help you to create an irrigation system or drip system that meets your plants needs and makes your job of caring for your landscaping easier to do. At Mike’s Landscaping, we have more than 25 years of experience in providing landscape services to the community of Temecula, CA. All the certified and insured crew members at Mike’s Landscaping are dedicated to providing you with the personal paradise that will suit your outdoor needs and fit your individual style. Our goal is to earn your trust and to complete your landscaping project on time, within budget, and to your complete satisfaction. For the best landscaping services available in the Temecula, CA area and for the region’s most affordable prices, contact the knowing pros at Mike’s Landscaping for a free estimate.
Let our team of professionals meticulously maintain your landscaping, enhancing your curb appeal from start to finish.
We know the plants that will do best and can provide the care and feeding they need with our full range of landscape services.

We use only environmentally friendly techniques and materials and can incorporate a variety of different landscape elements into your front or back yard design. We will meet with you to go over every detail of your landscaping vision and help you decide on the plantings and grasses that will work the best for you. As landscapers, we see our job as an art form, so we put the maximum amount of effort into every project. If you find yourself in need of quality landscape service or are interested in our retaining walls or xeriscaping service, please feel free to give us a call at any time.

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