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Nature's Supply Centre can supply all of your retaining wall or landscape edging needs when it comes to Railroad Ties and Landscape Timbers. Dig a trench: Where the wood will rest on the ground, dig a level trench 2 inches wider than your timbers and about 3 inches deep.
About UsGeorgia Wholesale Nursery is an independently owned and operated nursery serving Atlanta and surrounding areas. Whatever your landscaping needs are we have the railroad ties and landscape timbers to do the job.

Pressure treated timbers provide a rugged exterior building product that's rot and insect resistant. You will find a friendly and knowledgeable staff available to help you with your landscape needs. These strong, durable ties are suitable for landscape retaining walls, parking curb stops, flower boxes, and any landscaping purpose. Our experienced and trained staff will provide help you with landscaping planning and loading or delivery!

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