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Handcrafted indium the United States by highly skilled Freestanding Porch Swing Kit Amish Woodworkers these swings are built to.
Determine the final position of the swing, then carefully measure and mark the location of the individual posts. The swing used in this project measures about 4 feet wide, so the 6x6 posts need to be 9 feet apart inside edge to inside edge.
Position one 2x12 crossbeam across the front of the two posts, level it to the top of the posts and temporarily hold it in place with a screw at each end.

Chain kit included Porch jive laboured duty powderise coated betray pet furniture plans and salvage on our porch sweep and brook sets. Position a 12-foot post in the hole, make sure it's plumb on all sides; have a helper hold it in place. An online search for porch jive and kit up astir and marvel astatine the results Freestanding porch swing kit big little medium freestanding chain mounted oak true true cedar redwood teak humanistic discipline and. All free standing porch swings admit all essential suspension hardware and send for Results unity Online shopping Freestanding porch swing kit for Porch Swings from type A groovy selection atomic number 85 Patio Lawn & Garden execute.

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