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Use the Vista Landscape Center Area Calculator to figure out the approximate amount of landscape material you will need for your particular landscape project. Vista Landscape Center is a localy owned and operated decorative rock and landscape supply company located in Henderson, Nevada, serving the Las Vegas metro area. With landscaping experts on staff, Vista Landscape Center can help do-it-yourselfers with small or large outdoor make-over projects. Nevada Outdoor Living is located inside the Vista Landscape Center and is Nevada's #1 outdoor living specialist.

Three generations later, the Parsons have entered into a new vein of the rock business through decorative landscape rock sales.
From Las Vegas pavers to flagstone, boulders to landscape rocks, we've got an incredible selection for your next landscaping project.
We stock a wide selection of decorative rock from around the Southwest.  We have the rock you need to make your landscape look spectacular! We also offer turf, another great water smart Las Vegas landscaping option and we can help install as well!

Our flagstones are perfect for a variety of landscaping projects including a spot for your grill or a decorative walkway.

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