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Those perfectly placed, nice-looking landscape rocks might not look so nice in a couple of years. 2Power wash medium to large landscape rocks with a pressure washer, starting with the lowest setting. 4Gather and scrub small landscape rocks with soapy water made with dish soap or laundry detergent.
For easier cleaning, move medium to large rocks to a driveway or another area away from plants, if possible, especially if you are using bleach.
Caked-on mud, dirt, moss or bird droppings can transform what was an asset in your landscape to an eyesore.

But with a bit of elbow grease and time, you can give the rocks in your landscape the makeover they need. Then, put the small rocks in a 5-gallon bucket or sink and add enough water to completely cover them.
Several cleaning methods can be used to clean landscape rocks, so select the one that best fits your situation. Power washing is a less labor intensive method to clean landscape rocks; however, you must be careful not to chip the rocks in the process.
In three or four days, scrub and rinse the dead moss and algae off the rocks and flush the soil with water again, if necessary.

If stains, dirt or grit still remain on the rocks, apply denture cleaner or a paste made from baking soda and water and scrub them with a toothbrush or small nylon bristle brush.

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