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The TR3® Rake is the most versatile 3 point ground prep tractor tool on the market today; with thousands of satisfied owners throughout the world!
The back finish rake and wear plates on the leveling bar are three-quarter inch hardened steel for longer wear.
The TR3® Rake enables the operator to bring the arena back to level grade and keep it there with very little skill. Prevents the TR3® Rake from undulating with the tractor, keeping the scarifying teeth from digging any deeper than they are set. This option is a must for operators that will use the TR3 for land reclamation and landscaping applications.

The blade teeth are used mostly in the landscaping industry and mount below the leveling blade. From horse arenas, gravel driveways & commercial contractor applications, the TR3 is battle tested and shows up for work everyday.
The shovel cuts into the built up material around the rail or wall of an arena, the lip of a driveway or infield lip and pulls the material into the leveling blade to be redistributed. Due to the heavy weight and style of fixed scarifying teeth the TR3® Rake easily breaks through hard pan and eliminates hard and soft spots for consistent depth.
One of the amazing benefits of these blades is the ability to slice the root systems of weeds and grass to completely eliminate this growth from driveways, trails & infields!

Works great to push back grasses and weeds that begin to overgrow into gravel roads and ball diamonds. The back finishing rake of the TR3® pulverizes dirt clods and leaves behind the perfect finish or seedbed.

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