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There are 2,100 native plant species known in Pennsylvania.An introduced or non-native plant is one that has been brought into the state and escaped cultivation to become established in the wild. At the turn of the 21st century, about 1,300 species of nonnative plants existed in Pennsylvania outside of gardens, parks and agricultural lands. Protect native plant communities and minimize habitat destructionThe most important guideline is to conserve already existing areas of native vegetation as a whole, functioning unit. The easiest, least expensive, and best way to conserve Pennsylvania's plant heritage is to protect existing native plant communities from further disturbance. In some cases ecological restoration may be necessary, which can include planting native species, removing invasive introduced species, controlling erosion and loosening soil compaction.2.

Buy nursery-propagated native plantsMost retail nurseries and mail-order catalogs now offer native plants.
Do not remove native plants from the wildTaking native plants from the wild depletes native populations. Prevent wild-collecting of plants by making sure that plants you buy are propagated at a nursery, or by starting plants yourself from a local seed supply.
Practice responsible landscaping techniquesThe first rule of responsible landscaping is to plant the right plants in the right environment: never introduce invasive plants to your landscape that will aggressively spread off your property and invade native plant communities.
A good trick is to notice which native plants are thriving nearby, and to use those clues to guide plant selection.

Other information can be found from plant nurseries, catalogs, books, or the Internet.For soil fertility, compost and mulch of leaves or grass clippings provide slow release nutrients.
Chemical fertilizers often provide too many nutrients too quickly for native plants, and this flush of nutrients gives weeds a competitive edge.

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