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A hugely inspiring book from one of the Britain’s finest large format landscape photographers.
Each double page spread contains an image, along with a detailed description of the thought and feeling behind each photograph, and Cornish is almost as accomplished a writer as he is photographer – the descriptions themselves are both beautiful and insightful. Finally, at the bottom of each page there is a small image which often shows an alternative view of the main image, or an image taken at another time or in different light, along with the photographers opinion on why the image didn’t work so well.
This is one of the first photography books I ever bought, and one that I still return to time and time again.
Art Wolfe is arguably the finest wilderness photographer alive today, and of the many books he’s published, this for me is easily the best. David Noton has made a career combining travel and landscape photography to great effect, and this book showcases his huge collection from all over the world. The book manages to be a great manual on landscape photography, an interesting diary of photographic excursions and a gallery of Noton’s best work with beautifully presented images.

The godfather of modern landscape photograph left behind a legacy of some of the finest images of North American wilderness and national parks ever recorded.
Beyond that, Adams was a pioneer in the environmentalist movement, arguing that mankind needed wilderness to preserve its spirit and with his photography he was successful in expanding the national park system. His ideas on how we look at images, what it is that makes an image special, how we react to colour, light and compositional arrangements is never less than fascinating, and while it’s arguable as to whether he was the finest landscape photographer to have ever lived, for me there’s no doubt that he’s the finest landscape photography writer, and thus anyone who wants to try and capture something special with their photography should own at least one of his books. The landscape photography book that even people who aren’t interested in photography should have on their shelf. It’s a simple idea, take aerial photographs of some of the most stunning locations on the planet, and it’s been done before. Moving away from landscape photography for a moment, Steve McCurry is the photographer behind some of the finest photojournalism from Asia of the last 20 years.
It’s the simple truth to say that without Ansel Adams, landscape photography would almost never have evolved as it has today.

A book that everyone who loves nature photography, or the natural environment should have on their shelves. Not only have the images taken on his 35mm Nikons inspired generations of photographers, but his writing is one of the clearest and most concise attempts to marry the technical aspects of image making with the cognitive and creative art of seeing. It’s hard to deny that there are few people with his in-depth knowledge of photography, backed up by the experience of someone who lived for photography, whose life revolved around the creation of dramatic images. It’s hard to define exactly what it is that makes his photojournalism so breathtaking, but every image shows a mastery of light and colour, and beyond that, an empathy with the subject that makes his work seem so intimate. It was Adams who developed the zone system and his perfectionist attention to detail created images which have entered in the consciousness of almost anyone who has picked up a camera with the intention of shooting landscapes.

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